Christian Revival Book List, September 2023

Here is a list of books and pamphlets on the subject of Christian Revival.  They cover the period from the Great Awakening of the 1740's to the Prayer Meeting Revival of 1858.  There are also a few items of more recent dates.  

You will find them to be either in support of revival work, or against.

Each entry has been updated within the past few weeks.  All have better descriptions, many have new photographs, and some have reduced prices.  Most of the removed pamphlets now have newly stitched acid free wrappers.

Many may be found referenced in Richard Owen Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography with Biographical and Historical Notices.  This indispensable reference work is a bit pricy when you can find a copy.  It is ISBN 9780940033276.

We hope that you are able to find some things to add to your library.

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The American Journal of Psychology, Vol. XIII.: An Historical Study of the Edwardean Revivals. Worcester, MA: Louis N. Wilson, 1902. First Edition. [3487].  Roberts, Revival Literature no. 2673. "A periodical article with valuable insights on the Great Awakening."  It was written by Samuel Perkins Hayes.

Blackburn, John. The True Character, and Probable Results, of American Revivals: A Discourse, delivered at Maberly Chapel, Kingsland, on Thursday morning, April 8, 1830; Before the Monthly Meeting of Pastors and Churches, and Published at their Request. With an Appendix. London: Holdsworth and Ball, 1830. First Edition. [9222].  Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography, no. 509. "An appraisal of American revivals with references to Lyman Beecher, Jonathan Edwards, Charles G. Finney, Gilbert Tennant and George Whitefield."

Blinn, C. Henry. The Manifesto. Vol. XXII. February, 1892 [Shaker]. Canterbury, N. H.: United Society of Believers, 1892. First Edition. [4603].  This issue contains an excerpt from Richard M'Nemar's The Kentucky Revival, first published in 1808. It also contains a Lecture by Elder F. W. Evans protesting against any kind of Christian government of the United States, identifying that as the mark of the beast.

Bonham, J. W. The Great Revival in the Church of England; A Lecture. New York: T. Whittaker, 1875.  [5067]  Describes ten days of evangelistic meetings held in Anglican churches in London, commencing February 8th, 1874. It relates the preparations, the preachers, their sermons, and the results.

The Boston Collection of Sacred and Devotional Hymns: Intended to accommodate Christians on Special and Stated Occasions. Boston: Published by Manning and Loring, 1808. First Edition. [8496].  "The numerous revivals of religion in America, which have taken place of late years in remarkable succession, through the copious out-pouring of the Spirit in different places, has rendered the demand for devotional hymns more general than heretofore..."

Brief Summary of the Protracted Meetings held in the Deerfield Association during the latter part of the Summer and Autumn of 1834, with their plan and results. First published in the New-Hampshire Observer. Concord [NH]: Observer Press, 1835. [3472].  Roberts, Revival Literature, no. 717. Reports on the meetings for revival held in Deerfield, Northwood, Epsom, Chichester, Pittsfield, Loudan, Barnstead, Gilmanton Iron Works, Gilmanton First Church, Gilmanton Centre, and Meredith Bridge.

Bush, Charles P. Memorial Services: Half Century Celebration of the Presbytery of Rochester, Held in that City April 6th and 7th, 1869. Rochester, N. Y. : Book and Job Office of Tracy & Rew, 1869. First Edition. [9128].  Pp. 65-77 focus on revivals, with accounts of C. G. Finney and Jedidiah Burchard.

Bushby, Douglas. Adventures in Revival [Korea Interest]. Tulsa, OK: Bushby Evangelistic Assn, 1953. Good. Paperback.  [3384].  Roberts, Revival Literature, no. 854. "Reports of visits to revival scenes like Ruanda, the Hebrides with Duncan Campbell, &c." Bushby was an Australian evangelist, and during the Korean War a U. N. War Correspondent.

The Canadian United Presbyterian Magazine. Vols. V. & VI. 1858-1859. Toronto: Printed for the Committee, by Lovell and Gibson, 1858-1859. First Edition. [4464].  Prayer Meeting Revival.

The Christian Herald, April 17, 1901. Cover illustration of G. Campbell Morgan. New York: Louis Klopsch, 1901. First Edition. [9578]

The Christian Herald, August 14, 1901. Cover illustration of Ocean Grove Camp Meeting. New York: Louis Klopsch, 1901. First Edition. [9579]

The Christian Magazine; or, Evangelical Repository for 1799. A periodical monthly publication, by a Society of Ministers; intended as a Treasury of Gospel Doctrine; for counteracting the Influence of Error, and Disseminating Religious Knowledge among Persons of all Denominations. Edinburgh: Printed for the Editors, by Murray & Cochrane, 1799. First Edition. [4204] 

The Christian Magazine; or, Evangelical Repository for 1803. A periodical monthly publication, by a Society of Ministers; intended as a Treasury of Gospel Doctrine; for counteracting the Influence of Error, and Disseminating Religious Knowledge among Persons of all Denominations. Edinburgh: Printed for the Editors, by Murray & Cochrane, 1803. First Edition. [4339] 

The Christian Spectator, conducted by An Association of Gentlemen, For the year 1821. Volume III. New-Haven: S. Converse, 1821. First Edition. [4663].  Revival reports from New Haven, central Connecticut (30 towns listed), in the Presbytery of Albany (Rev. Nettleton and others), various Presbyteries of the General Assembly Presbyterian Church (Rochester, Onondaga, Oneida, Otsego, Troy, Albany, &c.), and in the North Consociation of Hartford Co.

The Christian Witness and Church Members' Magazine. Volume XVI. 1859. London: John Snow, 1859. First Edition. [3476].  Revivals of Religion; The Church and its Prayer-meetings; A Revival; Dangers attendant on Revivals; Revivals in Belfast; Progress of the Revivals in Ireland; The Religious Revivals and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland; The Religious Awakening in Ireland; Religious Movement in Ireland; Revival in Scotland; The Great Revival; Spiritual Revival; Genius and Eloquence of Whitefield; Prayer and Prayer Meetings; Revival of Religion in Switzerland; Revival Hymns.

The Connecticut Evangelical Magazine, Volume II. consisting of twelve numbers, to be published monthly. From July 1801 to June 1802. Hartford: Hudson and Goodwin, 1801-2. First Edition. [4184]. Roberts 1219. "These precious volumes include many detailed reports of revivals taking place during the years of publication of this Journal as well as articles on the history of the Moravians, advice to awakened sinners, conversion accounts, etc."  With extensive notices of revivals of religion in Delaware County, New Durham, Granville, Kentucky, Lenox, New Marlborough, Otsego County, Plymouth, Vermont, and Winthrop.

[Coxe, Arthur Cleveland]; A Presbyter of Connecticut Revivalism and the Church. A Letter to a Reviewer, in reply to several articles in The New-Englander. Hartford: Henry S. Parsons, 1843. First Edition. [3332].  The author is defending the Anglican communion from charges that they preach another gospel than that of revivalists, labors to show that the framers of the Saybrook Platform professed doctrinal agreement with the theology of the Anglican church, that the formularies and traditions of the Anglican church are not another gospel, and warns against the extreme individualism that sometimes accompanies revivalism. 

Davis, Cornelius. New-York Missionary Magazine, and Repository of Religious Intelligence; for the year 1800. Vol. I. New-York: T. & J. Swords, for Cornelius Davis, 1800. First Edition. [4887] No. 3894 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. "Several important articles on revivals." Extract of a Letter from the Reverend Seth Williston, Ontario Co., New York "Once I saw about 400 people assembled in one place...There are some pretty remarkable instances of the sovereignty of grace."  Many letters describing revivals.

Davis, Cornelius. The New-York Missionary Magazine, and Repository of Religious Intelligence; for the year 1801. Vol. II. New-York: Printed for Cornelius Davis, 1801. First Edition. [5358].  Includes "Speech of a Tuscarora Woman, at a religious Conference at Oneida; Revival of Religion in Tennessee; A Dialogue between Africanus, Americanus, and Benevolus, on sending Missionaries to carry the gospel to the Heathen in Africa; Letter from the Rev. Mr. Holmes...Missionary to the Seneca and Tuscarora Tribes of Indians, in the State of New-York; An inquiry into the scripture meaning of Charity, By the Rev. John Witherspoon; An Account of the Rev. John Eliot, the Apostle to the American Indians; Account of a late Revival of Religion in a part of the Highlands of Scotland, by Alexander Stewart; An Account of the Ohio Presbytery, in a Letter from Rev. Thomas Moore.

Davis, Cornelius. The New-York Missionary Magazine, and Repository of Religious Intelligence; for the year 1802. Vol. III. New-York: Printed by Vermilye and Crooker, for Cornelius Davis, 1802. First Edition. [4186].  "I have seen strange things since I came to this state [North Carolina], a revival of religion after the manner of that in Tenessee [sic] and Kentucky. It is, indeed, a very extraordinary work..."

Davis, Cornelius. The New-York Missionary Magazine, and Repository of Religious Intelligence; for the year 1803. Vol. IV. New-York: Printed by William Vermilye, for Cornelius Davis, 1803. First Edition. [4185].  "An extraordinary phenomenon has lately appeared...It is that of people of different denominations meeting together to the amount of about two or three thousand at one time; and many of them exhibiting signs of the most uncommon spiritual distress...This began in Kentucky; and it is now spreading in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey."

Davis, Cornelius. The Utica Christian Magazine, designed to prompt the spirit of research, and diffuse religious instruction. Vol. I. Published under the inspection of a committee of Congregational and Presbyterian clergymen. Utica [NY]: Printed by Merril & Camp, for Cornelius Davis, 1814. First Edition. [4187].  Includes Narrative of Missions directed by the Trustees of the Missionary Society of Connecticut [revival reports in New York and Pennsylvania]; Jonathan Edwards' Resolutions; etc.

Davis, Cornelius. The Utica Christian Magazine. Vol. I. No. 1 - 12; Sermons by Timothy Dwight and others;16 items bound together. Utica, NY: Printed by Merrell & Camp for Cornelius Davis., 1812-1815. First Edition. [3768].  

  • Revival of Religion in Durham, Green County, N. Y., Letter from Rev. Seth Williston.
  • A Narrative of the state of Religion within the bounds of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, and of the General Association of Connecticut, of New-Hampshire, of Massachusetts, and of the General Convention of Vermont, during the last year.
  • Revival of Religion in Monson, Mass.
  • Revival of Religion in Stockbridge, Massachusetts
  • Revival of Religion in Pawlet, Vermont
  • Extract from the fifteenth Annual Account of the Missionary labors directed by the Trustees of the Missionary Society of Connecticut, performed chiefly in the year 1813 [Missions, revivals, in western NY state]
  • Revival of Religion in Springfield, New-Jersey

Dexter, Franklin Bowditch. Biographical Sketches of the Graduates of Yale College with Annals of the College History (3 vols) Volume I: October, 1701-May, 1745; Volume II. May, 1745-May, 1763; Volume III: May, 1763-July, 1778. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1885-1903. [9458].  The set is no. 1486 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. "Jonathan Barber, David Brainerd, Samuel Buell, James Davenport, Jonathan Dickinson, Timothy Dwight, Jonathan Edwards, John Eliot, Jonathan Parsons, Benjamin Pomeroy, Nathan Strong, Gilbert Tennent, Eleazar Wheelock, and George Whitefield, and a host of other revival men are considered."

Dudley, John. A Discourse on the Means of a Revival. Preached at Quechee, Vt. Windsor, [Vt]: Printed at the Chronicle Press, 1849. [3871]. Dudley gives the reasons for a need of revival, and then "To what means must we look, with the hope of saving the Church, and securing the revival and preservation of vital godliness?"

Edwards, B. B. The American Quarterly Register. Vol. IX., for the year 1837; bound with Twentieth Annual Report of the Directors of the American Education Society...1836. Boston: Perkins & Marvin, 1837. First Edition. [4501].  This series (1827-1843) is no. 103 in Roberts, Revival Literature. "A periodical with numerous articles on revivals."  This volume includes Historical Sketch of Revivals of Religion in Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H., by Henry Wood, Pastor of the Church at Dartmouth College.

Edwards, B. B.; Cogswell, W.  The American Quarterly Register. Vol. X., for the year 1837. With General Index to the First Ten Volumes. Boston: Perkins & Marvin, 1838. First Edition. [3489].  The following articles are of revival interest: many reports from individual congregations; Rev. Dr. Goodrich's History of Revivals in Yale College; Memoir of Rev. Eleazar Wheelock, D. D. Founder and First President of Dartmouth College; Memoirs of Ministers who have been graduated at Harvard College...&c. Includes accounts of John Eliot, John Cotton, and others; History of the General Association of New Hampshire; Memoir of the Rev. Asa Burton, D. D., Thetford, Vt.

Edwards, B. B.; Cogswell, W. The American Quarterly Register. Vol. XI. 1839.  Boston: American Education Society, 1839. First Edition. [4073].  The volume is full of historical matter, biographies, revival accounts, memoirs, &c.  It contains Revivals of Religion in Amherst College, by Heman Humphrey (12 pp.) and Revivals in Colleges, by Calvin Butler (2 pp.).

Engraving: Whitefield Preaching at Moorfields, A.D. 1742 - Harper's Weekly, September 9th, 1865. New York: Harper's, 1865. [8747].  A dynamic wood engraving showing George Whitefield engaged in open-air preaching, with the crowd partly sympathetic and partly antagonistic. He is about to be struck by a whip, and opponents, including soldiers, are trying to drown out his voice with drums and musical instruments.

The Evangelical Magazine 1804. London: T. Williams, 1804. First Edition. [3475].  "A great many were brought to cry out under a sense of guilt; others were made to shout aloud..."   

The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle. 1822; The Profits of this Work are applied to the Relief of the Widows of Gospel Ministers of different denominations. London: Francis Westley, 1822. First Edition. [4648] 

The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle. 1830. Vol. XIII. New Series.  London: Frederick Westley and A. H. Davis, 1830. First Edition. [3473].  United Prayer for the Effusion of the Holy Ghost and the Conversion of the World; Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Alfred Ely, Pastor of the Congregational Church at Monson, M. S. S. [on Revival in Monson, MA]; Revivals of Religion in France, by Andrew Reed; Memoir of the Rev. William Roby.

The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle. 1832. Vol. X. New Series.  London: Frederick Westley and A. H. Davis, 1832. First Edition.  Conversion during an American Revival; Reflections on the Present State of Religion, in connexion with Revivals; Revival in Religion amongst the Calvinistic Methodists in Carnarvonshire, North Wales; Signs of Prosperity in a Christian Church, and the best Means of promoting such Prosperity; Revival Meeting at Staines, Middlesex.

The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle. 1841; The Profits of this Work are applied to the Relief of the Widows of Gospel Ministers of different denominations. London: Thomas Ward and Co., 1841. First Edition. [3932] 

[Exeter Hall Lectures] Twelve Lectures delivered before the Young Men's Christian Association, in Exeter Hall, from December, 1850, to February, 1851. London: James Nisbet and Co., (1851). First Edition. [5994].  No. 5966 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography, chiefly for the B. W. Noel essay, A Revival of Religion. 

Forty-fourth Annual Report of the Massachusetts Missionary Society [Report on Revivals]. Boston: T. R. Marvin. 1843. [3373].  Signed by Rev. William Jenks, D.D.  "At no time for the last ten years have the labors of the Massachusetts Missionary Society been accompanied by stronger demonstrations of the Spirits' power. A season of special religious interest has been enjoyed in twenty-five of the congregations, and about 800, it is thought, have passed from death to life. An unusually large number were taken from the most hopeless cases."

Fowler, Bancroft. An Oration on the Death of Mr. Ebenezer Grant Marsh, Senior Tutor, Hebrew Instructor, and Professor Elect of Languages and Ecclesiastical History, in Yale College, who died on the 16th of November 1803, in the 27th year of his age; Pronounced in the College Chapel on the 10th of January 1804. Hartford: Hudson & Goodwin, 1804. First Edition. [9087].  The author mentions Marsh's usefulness in preaching during the revival that swept through Yale in 1802.

Fowler, P. H.; Mears, J. W. Historical Sketch of Presbyterianism within the bounds of the Synod of Central New York bound with The Presbyterian Element in our National Life and History: An Address delivered before the Synod of Central New York at Watertown, October 18th, 1876. Utica, NY: Curtiss & Childs, 1877. First Edition. [4443].  No. 2183 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. "An excellent volume with much valuable material on revivals, especially pp. 167-295 which provide a very valuable analysis of points of strength and weakness of Finney and his revivalism."

Gannett, Ezra S. A Comparison of the Good and the Evil of Revivals. 1st Series, No. 50. Boston: American Unitarian Association, 1831. [3337].  Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography no. 2271. "A thoughtful analysis with a strong Unitarian bias. Gannett acknowledges some truth in the doctrines and results of revivals, but criticizes strongly the principal truths revivals emphasize." 

[Griswold, Alexander V.]. Remarks on Prayer Meetings. Republished from The Episcopal Register for the years 1827 and 1828. Philadelphia: William Stavely, 1829. [3553].  A defense of prayer meetings against objections to them printed in the Episcopal Register.  "Are Prayer Meetings examples of spiritual pride?  Or are they sincere pleadings to God for revival and spiritual renewal?"

Hallock, William A. "Light and Love" : A Sketch of the Life and Labors of the Rev. Justin Edwards, D. D., the Evangelical Pastor; the Advocate of Temperance, the Sabbath, and the Bible. New York: American Tract Society, ca. 1870. [8518].  Fair condition only, but cheap.  $15.

Haweis, Thomas. Evangelical Principles and Practice: being fourteen Sermons, preached in the Parish-Church of St. Mary Magdalen in Oxford. To which is added, the Communicant's Spiritual Companion; or, an Evangelical Preparation for the Lord's Supper. In which I. The Nature of the Ordinance is shewn. II. The Dispositions requisite for a profitable Participation thereof. With Meditations and Helps for Prayer, suitable to the subject. Newburyport: Edmund M. Blunt, 1803. First American Edition. [5118]. First published in 1762, this volume presents the evangelical spirituality promoted during the Great Awakening and the following years.  Sermons on the Corruption of Human Nature; The Spirituality of God's Law; The Penalty of Disobedience; Redemption by Jesus Christ; The Nature of True Holiness; &c.

The Home Missionary, August, 1857. Vol. XXX. No. 4. New York: The American Home Missionary Society, 1857. First Edition. [3501].  Letters and reports of home missionary efforts in the United States, with revival accounts.

Hotchkin, B. B. The Pastor of the Old Stone Church....Rev. Ethan Osborn, Late Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, Fairfield, New Jersey. Philadelphia: William S. and Alfred Martein, 1858. First Edition. [5034].  There were revivals in the church in 1807, 1819, 1831, 1858. Not in Roberts.

Jones, Pomroy. Annals and Recollections of Oneida County. Rome [NY]: Published by the Author, 1851. First Edition. [8826].  No. 3041 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. "A very helpful study with considerable material on Finney's revival work as well as details on Emerson Andrews, Jedediah Burchard, Orson Parker and Jacob Knapp."

Kingsley, William L. The New Englander, 1883; Volume VI, New Series; Volume XLII, Complete Series. New Haven: William L. Kingsley, 1883. First Edition. [4922].  Includes Revival Experiences during the Great Awakening in 1741-1744, in New London County (10 pp.).

Langworthy, Isaac P. American Congregational Year-Book, for the year 1857: Volume Fourth. [Revival interest.] New York: Calkin & Stiles, 1857. First Edition. [6948]. 

Langworthy, Isaac P. American Congregational Year-Book, for the year 1858: Volume Fifth. [Revival Interest]. New York: American Congregational Union, 1858. First Edition. [6596]

The Latter Day Luminary : Vol. II. & III. February 1820 - November 1822. Philadelphia: Baptist Board of Foreign Missions for the United States, 1820. First Edition. [4634].  Fourteen issues bound.  Scarce.

McClure, A. W. [editor]. The Great Revival in New England. The Christian Observatory: A Religious and Literary Magazine. Vol. 2. No. 6. Boston: J. V. Beane & Co., 1848. First Edition. [3546].  Not in Roberts Revival Literature or Whitefield in Print.

McIlvaine, Charles P. Bishop McIlvaine's Address to the Convention of the Diocese of Ohio, on the Revival of Religion. Cincinnati: C. F. Bradley & Co., 1858. [3530].  McIlvaine contrasts the genuine revival he experienced when a student at Princeton in the 1810's with the "perversions" of the revivals promoted by "revival preachers' [Finney, et al] during the 1830's. He then describes the Revival then taking place in 1858 and delineates the positive features of it, followed by some warnings.

MacRae, Alexander. The Fire of God Among the Heather, or, The Spiritual Awakening of the Highland People. Tongue, Sutherland: The Highland Christian Literature Society, 1930. [3993].  This is a reprint of MacRae's Revivals in the Highlands (1905) which Roberts says is a revealing work. Additional material regarding the work of the Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge in the Highlands, as well as an account of the Gaelic Schools is included here.

Magazine of the German Reformed Church. April, 1831 [revival interest]. York, Pa.: D. May and B. Flory, 1831. First Edition. [4847].  Along with a Sermon and missionary news, there are brief reports of revivals on Long Island at Southampton and Westhampton; Virginia; Troy, N. Y.; Fowlersville, N. Y.; Yale College, and in the City of New-York.

The Methodist Magazine, for the year of our Lord 1819. Volume II. New-York: J. Soule and T. Mason, for the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States, 1819. First Edition. [4661].  Articles on Revival include: Dr. Ely's Review of "Methodist Error" Reviewed, (in which Ely's animadversions on Camp Meetings are refuted); Revival of Religion in Upper Canada; Revival of Religion in the Genesee Conference; Revival of Religion in Kennebec District, Maine; Revival of Religion in Troy; Extracts from various letters, including that of Bishop M'Kendree; Account of the Rise and Progress of the Work of God in the Western country; Revival of Religion in West-Farms; Revival of Religion on Scioto District (Ohio); Revival of Religion in Chillicothe; Revival of Religion in Schenectady; Revival of Religion in Ohio District; Description of a Camp-meeting held on Fairfield circuit, Lancaster District.

The Methodist Magazine, for the year of our Lord 1821. Volume IV. New-York: N. Bangs and T. Mason, for the Methodist Episcopal Church in the United States, 1821. First Edition. [4664].  Short sketches of revivals of religion among the Methodists in the Western Country; Account of the work of God in Edisto District, South-Carolina; Revival of the Work of God in the Fountain-Head Circuit; Revival of Religion in Wellfleet; Account of the Work of God in New-Hampshire District; Revival of religion in Carter's Valley Circuit; Commencement of the great revival of religion in Kentucky and Tennessee, in 1799; Account of the work of God in Nashville District; Progress of the work of God in Penobscot and Vermont Districts, in the bounds of New-England Conference; Revival of Religion in Pittsburgh, Penn.; Revival of Religion in New-Haven; Revival of Religion in Providence, R. I.; Account of the work of God in New-London District; Account of the Work of God on New-River Circuit; Revival of the work of God in Rhinebeck, New-York; Account of a Camp-Meeting held on Long-Island, New-York; Revival of the Work of God in Savannah, Georgia; Account of Camp-Meetings in Illinois; Progress of Religion in Alabama; Account of the work of God in Wellfleet Circuit.

Moore, S. J. The Ministerial Office Magnified: Why? and How? Philadelphia: Wm. S. Young, Printer, 1860. [9085].  The author was minister at Ballymena, Ireland, and a principal actor in the great revival which took place there in 1859. He writes here to stir and awaken his fellow ministers to the importance of their great work, seeking the salvation of souls. 

Munger, Hiram. The Life and Religious Experience of Hiram Munger, Including many Singular Circumstances connected with Camp-Meetings and Revivals; Written by Himself. Chickopee Falls, Mass.: Published and For Sale by the Author, 1856. First Edition. [9525].  Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography, no. 3871. "Experiences in the Millerite movement."

Northwestern Christian Advocate, Vol. 51, July 1, 1903 - December 30, 1903. 52 issues bound. Chicago: Western Methodist Book Concern, 1903. First Edition. [4530].  Articles on revivals, camp-meetings, temperance, the Methodist faith, book reviews, missions news, and reports from churches.

The Panoplist, and Missionary Magazine United, for the year ending June 1, 1809. Volume I. New Series. Conducted by an Association of Friends to Evangelical Truth; under the Patronage of the Massachusetts, Hampshire, Berkshire, Maine, and Rhode Island Missionary Societies. Boston: Farrand, Mallory, and Co., 1809. First Edition. [5025] The series is no. 4113 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. "This periodical has numerous accounts of revivals."

The Panoplist, and Missionary Magazine. For the year ending June 1, 1813. Volume V. New Series. Boston: Samuel T. Armstrong, 1813. First Edition. [855].  Revivals of Religion in Bristol, RI and at the Cape of Good Hope.

The Panoplist, and Missionary Magazine, for the year ending June 1, 1813. Volume V. New Series. Boston: Samuel T. Armstrong, 1813. First Edition. [4991]

Peabody, Andrew. The Revival of Religion: A Sermon preached at Portsmouth, N. H., February 23, 1840. Boston: Weeks, Jordan & Co., 1840. Third Edition. [5210].  No. 4159 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. "A Unitarian sermon on Habakkuk 3:2."

Peters, Absalom. The Home Missionary, and American Pastor's Journal. Vol. II. & III, 1830-1831. New-York: The Executive Committee of the American Home Missionary Society, 1829-1831. First Edition. [4637].  Not in Roberts.  Revival reports include Cayuga Co., N. Y.; Hanover, Ind.; Kentucky; Meredith, N. Y.; New Richmond, Ohio; Patterson, N. Y.; Pittsburgh, N. Y. [sic]; Rensselaer Co., N. Y.; Salem, Ind.; Scaghticoke Point, N. Y.; Vermont. These are all in the index of the first volume in the book. The second volumes does not separate the revival news in the index, but they are everywhere in the missionary reports.

Peters, Absalom. The Home Missionary, and American Pastor's Journal. Vol. VI., VII., VIII. 1833-1836. New-York: The Executive Committee of the American Home Missionary Society, 1829-1831. First Edition. [4640].  Scores of revival reports, with detailed accounts from missionaries and pastors. Interesting notices from the expanding western frontier.

Porter, Ebenezer. [Revival Reports] Extracts from the Minutes of the General Association of Massachusetts, at their meeting in Boston, June, 1825, with the Narrative of the State of Religion, the Pastoral Address, and the Rules of the Association. Boston: Crocker and Brewster, 1825. First Edition. [9513]

Prentice, Charles. A Sermon, delivered September 20, 1829, at the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of his Ordination. To which is added, A Brief Narrative of a Revival of Religion. Litchfield: Printed by Henry Adams, 1830. First Edition. [3909] 

The Presbyterian Magazine: A Monthly Publication. Vol. I. 1821. Philadelphia: Littell & Henry, 1821. First Edition.  One of the goals of this short-lived periodical was "Religious intelligence: such as well attested accounts of revivals of religion."

The Presbyterian Magazine: A Monthly Publication. Vol. II. 1822. Philadelphia: Littell & Henry, 1822. First Edition. [4642] 

The Presbyterian Magazine. Vol. V. - 1855. Philadelphia: [Presbyterian Church], 1855. First Edition.  [3883].  Articles of Revival Interest are: Fifty Years a Pastor - Dr. John M'Dowell at Elizabethtown, New Jersey, & in Philadelphia; The Great Revival in Kentucky: Views of Drs. Alexander and Baxter; Dr. Green's Bible Class at Nassau Hall [Revivals at Princeton]; Biographical Sketch of Dr. Cuyler [Revivals in Poughkeepsie & Philadelphia]; Gilbert Tennent in the Great Revival.

The Presbyterian Quarterly and Princeton Review. New Series Vol. V. New York: J. M. Sherwood, 1876. [4498].  Articles of Revival interest include: The Ecclesiastical Disruption of 1861, by R. L. Stanton (pencil note says "implicates Finney"; The Great Awakening of 1740, by Lyman H. Atwater; The Revivals of the Century, by Lyman H. Atwater.

Prince, Thomas. An Account of the Revival of Religion in Boston, in the years 1740-1-2-3. Boston: Samuel T. Armstrong, 1823. Fair. Pamphlet.  [3363]. "Thomas Prince [1687-1758] was born in Sandwich, Massachusetts, May 15, 1687. At Harvard, where he graduated in 1709, he was dubbed a 'praying student.' After a stay of some years abroad, he joined Joseph Sewall in the Pastorate of Old South Church, Boston, in 1718 and remained there for the next forty years. When Whitefield came to Boston and the clergy were badly divided, Prince became one of the strongest supporters of his ministry and gladly faced the scorn of men like Charles Chauncy in order to support and advance the cause of true religion. As a chronicler of revivals, no one in New England surpassed Thomas Prince."

Prince, Thomas. An Account of the Great Revival in Middleborough, Mass. A. D. 1741, 1742, during the ministry of Rev. Peter Thacher; with a Notice of his Character. Boston: Re-printed by Thomas Marvin, 1842. [3531]

Rayner, Menzies. Six Lectures on Revivals of Religion, delivered in the Universalist Church in Portland, 1834. Portland: Menzies Rayner, Jr., 1834. First Edition. [3353].  Roberts 4464.  Questions revivalism on the basis of the unreasonableness of the Spirit of God responding to religious antics and excitement, while passing by the churches inclined to sobriety and faithfulness.

Reed, Andrew. The Revival of Religion. A Narrative of the State of Religion at Wycliffe Chapel, during the present year, 1839. London: Thomas Ward & Co., 1839. First Edition.  [3542].  Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography, no. 4478.  Describes the methods used and the results.

The Religious Intelligencer for the year ending May, 1818: containing the principal transactions of the various Bible and Missionary Societies, with particular accounts of Revivals of Religion. Vol. II. New Haven: Conducted and Published Weekly by Nathan Whiting, 1818. First Edition. [4467].  This volume has reports of revivals in 60 different towns & villages.

The Religious Intelligencer for the year ending May, 1819: containing the principal transactions of the various Bible and Missionary Societies, with particular accounts of Revivals of Religion. Vol. III. New Haven: Conducted and Published Weekly by Nathan Whiting, 1819. First Edition.  [4466].  Dozens of revival accounts.

The Religious Intelligencer for the year ending May, 1821: containing the principal transactions of the various Bible and Missionary Societies, with particular accounts of Revivals of Religion. Vol. V. New Haven: Conducted and Published Weekly by Nathan Whiting, 1820. First Edition. [5436].  This volume has reports of revivals in Pleasant Valley, Nassau, Ballston, Providence, Morgan (Ohio), Galway, Concord, Newport, Plainfield, Coventry, New Bedford and Fair Haven, New Haven, Clinton, Dudley, Chelsea Vt., Athens, Bolton, Trumbull Co., Vermont, Byfield, Pittsfield, Coxsakie, Deer Park, Hempstead, Kinderhook. With a Narrative of the State of Religion in the Presbyterian church in Albany, Upper Canada, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The Religious Intelligencer for the year ending May, 1824: containing the principal transactions of the various Bible and Missionary Societies, with particular accounts of Revivals of Religion. Vol. VIII. New Haven: Conducted and Published Weekly by Nathan Whiting, 1823. First Edition.  [3934]. This volume has reports of revivals in Boston; Old Plymouth; Somers, Ct.; Caudia, N. H.; various towns in Massachusetts; Sand Lake, N. Y.; Barnstable, Mass.; Bozrah, Conn.; Baltimore; Augusta, N. Y.; Northampton, N. H.; Millington; Danbury, Conn.; Orville, N. Y.; and at Newgate Prison.

The Religious Intelligencer for the year commencing June, 1834: containing the principal transactions of the various Bible and Missionary Societies, with particular accounts of Revivals of Religion. Vol. XIX. New Haven: Conducted and Published Weekly by N. Whiting, 1834. First Edition. [3936]. This series ran from June 1, 1816 to Oct. 7, 1837 and is no. 4518 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. "There are some very excellent articles on revival in this periodical."

[Robbins, Chandler; Newton, John]. Extract from a letter from the Rev. Dr. Robbins, minister of Plymouth, Massachusetts, in America: to his friend in England, dated 31st May, 1793. [Edinburgh]: Printed by H. Inglis, for the Society for Publishing Religious Tracts, 1793. [4605].  "I have never seen any thing like it, during my ministry here, for thirty-years."

Rockwood, Perry F. Prayer and Revival. Truro, N. S.: The Peoples Press, 1948. First Edition. [5214].  The pamphlet finds D. L. Moody, Spurgeon, Charles G. Finney, and J. Oswald Smith, as examples of men of prayer.

[Romaine, William]. An Earnest Invitation to the Friends of the established Church, to join With several of their Brethren, Clergy, and Laity, in London, in setting apart one Hour of every Week, for Prayer and Supplication, during the present troublesome Times. London: J. Worrall, 1757. First Edition. [3532].  No. 4692 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. See also 4693. "This fervent call to prayer for revival is based on a deep conviction that when God is grieved with his people because of their unforsaken sin he sometimes takes the sides of their enemies." Printed during the Seven Years' War.

Sanborn, Peter; Stevens, John H. Three Sermons, delivered in Newburyport, February, 1801; being a time of attention to religion. bound with Two Sermons, delivered in Newburyport, February, 1801: Being a time of awakening. Newburyport, [MA]: Allen & Stickney, 1802. [3789]  "In Newburyport, a revival, which began [1800], marked the opening of this period. It was most powerful, in connection with the Fourth, or Prospect Street Church; the present pastor of which has recently said that the influence of it 'extended over this whole community, and seemed to mould the characters of scores of God's children in this city for eternity.'" - Contributions to the Ecclesiastical History of Essex County, Mass. (1865).

Sengpiehl, Arthur P. Trends Toward Revival. [Findlay, Ohio]: Fundamental Truth Publishers, c.1938. [4594].  No. 4834 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. In this work the author reviews recent events post WWI up to about 1935, and finds evidence of an upcoming revival.

Sigston, James. Memoir of the Life and Ministry of Mr. William Bramwell, lately an Itinerant Methodist Preacher; with extracts from his interesting and extensive correspondence. New York: J. Emory and B. Waugh, for the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1830. Third American Edition. [3875].  "William Bramwell was the most significant revivalist and holiness evangelist in Methodism. From his leadership of the great revival that broke out in Dewsbury in West Yorkshire in 1792 until his untimely death in 1818, Bramwell’s ministry was marked by fervent prayer, powerful preaching, unremitting pastoral care of converts and a clear and uncompromising emphasis on what John Wesley called Scriptural holiness."

Simpson, Jonathan, J. P.  Annals of My Life, Labours, and Travels. Belfast: William Mullan & Son, 1895. First Edition. [3739].  Pp. 434-487 & 658-678 are account of revivals and the Irish Awakening. They mention Brownlow North, open air meetings, people stricken with conviction, prayer-meetings, in fact a complete diary of events with days and places recorded.

Skinner, Otis A. Letters to Rev. B. Stow, R. H. Neale, and R. W. Cushman, on Modern Revivals. Boston: Abel Tomkins, 1842. First Edition. [4273].  A push-back against accusations made by Knapp in the Boston revival. Skinner takes umbrage at many of the examples and anecdotes that Knapp used that belittled the religion of those not participating in his revival.

Smith, S. S. "Power from on High." A Sermon, read before the Suffolk South Association, at their meeting, January 14, 1840. Boston: D. S. King, 1840. First Edition. [3527].  Demonstrates that the power from on high administered by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was one of a moral transformation of the character of the recipients. A power of holiness and spiritual courage, given to bring about evangelism and revival through the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Spreng, S. P. The Life and Labors of John Seybert, First Bishop of the Evangelical Association. Cleveland, O.: Evangelical Association, 1888. First Edition. [3737].  Roberts, Revival Literature no. 5064. "With numerous accounts of revivals."

Stewart, Alexander. Account of a late Revival of Religion in a part of the Highlands of Scotland: By Alexander Stewart, Minister of Moulin, in a Letter to the Rev. David Black, Minister of Lady Yester's Church, Edin. Edinburgh: J. Ritchie, 1800. First Edition. [3471].  A first-hand account of the Moulin Revival.

Stewart, David Dale. Memoir of The Life of the Rev. James Haldane Stewart, M.A., Late Rector of Limpsfield, Surrey. London: Thomas Hatchard, 1856. First Edition. [5359].  Stewart was the author of the influential revival treatise, Thoughts on the Importance of Special Prayer for the general Outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Tucker, Mark. Means of a Revival of Religion: The American National Preacher, February 1833; also, Alarm to the Careless, by the same author. New-York: The American National Preacher, 1833. [4607].  In this sermon Dr. Tucker seeks to answer the question of how a church in a low state may obtain a revival of religion. He give practical advise on the subject.

    The Utica Christian Repository, for the year 1824 [and 1825], Vols. III & IV. Containing various pieces on Doctrinal and Practical Subjects of Religion, mostly original, also, A Summary of Religious Intelligence. Utica: William Williams, 1824-1825. First Edition. [4665].  "The Christian Repository provided sermons and Bible studies, news of missions to the American Indians, and coverage of revivals and the activities of various societies, such as the American Bible Society, American Jew Society, and American Educational Society." - Worldcat. A periodical in print only from 1822 to 1826.

    Walton, W. C. Narrative of a revival of religion, in the Third Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, with remarks on subjects connected with revivals in general. Northampton: H. Ferry, 1826. [3495].  No. 5579 in Roberts, Revival Literature. The author relates the means by which a revival was brought about in his congregation, and wishes for this pamphlet to serve both as an aid and as a warning to those who also seek the same. His efforts were inspired by accounts of the successes of Asahel Nettleton.

    Walton, W. C. Preparation for Special Efforts to Promote the Work of God: A Discourse, founded on Judges v. 23. Hartford: Andrus & Judd, 1833. First Edition. [5213]  No. 5580 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. "Details on conducting protracted meetings."

    Warburton, William. The Doctrine of Grace: or, the Office and Operations of the Holy Spirit Vindicated from The Insults of Infidelity, and The Abuses of Fanaticism: concluding With some Thoughts (humbly offered to the consideration of the Established Clergy) With regard to The right method of defending Religion against the attacks of either Party. London: A. Millar, 1763. First Edition. [3492].  No. 7309 in Roberts, Whitefield in Print: A Bibliographical Record of Works By, For, and Against George Whitefield. "Contains much on Whitefield, who is denounced as a fanatic." This book provoked responses in print from both John Wesley and George Whitefield.

    Watt, Eva Stuart. Floods on Dry Ground: Revival in the Congo; Foreword by Norman P. Grubb. London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott, [1939]. [5555].  No. 5616 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. "A useful record of the movement which began in 1920." 

    Weller, John C. Say to the Wind: The Revival of Religion in Nottingham, 1780-1850. [Nottingham]: [Self published], [1958?]. [4564].  Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography no. 5674. This is an abridged version of a B.D. thesis submitted to Nottingham University in 1956.

    White, William. An Episcopal Charge on the Subject of Revivals, delivered before the forty-eighth convention of the Diocese of Pennsylvania, and addressed to the Clerical Members of the Convention. Philadelphia: Published by order of the convention, 1832. First Edition. [4850].  White asserts that the Holy Spirit is effectual and evident in true revivals, and that although there may be an admixture of good and evil in the popular revivals then present, the extravagances and "animal sensibility" of the events were not signs of the Holy Spirit.

    Wilkinson, W. M. The Revival in its Physical, Psychical, and Religious Aspects. London: Chapman and Hall, 1861. Second Edition.  [3775].  No. 5767 in Roberts, Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography. "An analysis of the 1859 Ulster revival from the standpoint of a spiritualist."

    Williams, Samuel P. An Enquiry into the State of the Churches, &c.  A Sermon, preached in several congregations, by appointment of the Consociation of Windham County. Hartford: Printed by Peter B. Gleason and Co., 1816. First Edition.  [4842] 

    Wright, Philip James. Revivals: A Lecture delivered before the Methodist New Connexion Northern Association, in Salem Chapel, Newcastle upon Tyne, December 18, 1837. Manchester: Wm. Shuttleworth, 1838. [3516].  Not in Roberts.  "Let us consider the origin of revivals; the management of revivals; the necessity of revivals; and the means by which revivals may be promoted." 

    Wunneberger, Louis. The Battle of Armageddon and other Sermons. Dallax, TX: Chandler Publications, 1956. First Edition. [2136].  Baptist revival sermons.

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