• Recent additions, April 2022

    Last week's snowstorm set us back but now we have time to get another list to you.  We lost power and had a number of trees down on the property -...
  • March 2022 ~ Missions & Missionaries Catalogue

    Here is a list of missionary books in stock, grouped by country, state, or region.  Also, there is a list of early periodicals that contain missi...
  • Feb 2020 New Arrivals & Staff Picks

    Here are a few books that have come in recently, along with a few items from stock.  We've being going through boxes of philosophy (Thomistic) and...
  • November 2021 Featured Book List

    Here is a list of 105 items of extraordinary interest for book collectors.  We very much hope that you find a few items to add to your library.  T...
  • Free Medicine Can Make You Sick

    If the loss of the hardy physical and mental attributes of the pioneer - to make of us weak and dependent wards of the State - is an incurable disease, then our fate is inevitable.
  • Haaswurth Books Wanders in the Woods

    Hi everyone, a beautiful day here for a walk in the woods along an old towpath.  Here are some photos!
  • Anti-Masonic Collection for Sale: 60 items collected by Epaphras Hoyt

    Anti-Masonic Collection belonging to Epaphras Hoyt, of Deerfield Massachusetts.  60 items, bound. Courtesy Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association...
  • A few pictures from our trip to Maine, 2021

    We had another great trip to Maine this year...the views are gorgeous.
  • Susan at the range, preparing for the zombie apocalypse

    Susan prepares for the zombie apocalypse. Video here.    
  • Employee of the Month

    Our Chief Assistant, Webster the Cat, on his lunch break.
  • The Swift Communist Conquest of China, How Did It Happen?

    Due note should be taken of the swiftness with which the revolution was carried through.  Before it happened, such a rapid turn-over was, for most people, inconceivable.
  • The Bookshop with John Cleese and Marty Feldman