• The Haaswurth Books Security Officer

    The Haaswurth Books Security Officer continues to grow.  The Officer is menacing to all potential doers of mayhem.
  • Guard Pupper Has Graduated to All Night Indoor Surveillance

    I see you! No more crates!
  • A. Merril Smoak, Jr., Congregational Hymnals & Watts

    The Hymn Book and Tunebook Collection of A. Merril Smoak, Jr., DWS. Congregational & Watts This collection includes Isaac Watts's Psalms & ...
  • A. Merril Smoak, Jr., Presbyterian Hymnals

    The Hymn Book and Tunebook Collection of A. Merril Smoak, Jr., DWS. Presbyterian Presented by Haaswurth Books   Anderson, J.; Howard, S. B. Th...
  • Protecto-Dog Continues to Grow

  • November 2023 Booklist, Presbyterian Focus

    Today's selection of books is primarily Presbyterian, with a few additional titles from the American Tract Society in this first large group.  Most...
  • Christian Revival Book List, September 2023

    Here is a list of books and pamphlets on the subject of Christian Revival.  They cover the period from the Great Awakening of the 1740's to the Prayer Meeting Revival of 1858.
  • Writer's Block

  • Historical English Catholic Bible Collection

    We were contacted again this morning by Mr. Sidney Ohlhausen regarding his exquisite Catholic Bible collection that is for sale.  Some years ago ...
  • Canadian school library removes all books published prior to 2008

    Forget Socrates, Aristotle, Martin Luther, William Shakespeare, Thomas Jefferson, and C.S. Lewis.  There's no need for Animal Farm or The Fountainhead.  Bring on Gender Queer and All Boys Aren't Blue
  • September 2023, New Arrivals in Religion & Americana

      This list is in two parts: Religion and Americana & Misc.  Each section is sorted high to low price.  The link to the item is the number ...
  • Susan and the pup, who is training whom?

    The security guard in training.