• Susan at the range, preparing for the zombie apocalypse

    Susan prepares for the zombie apocalypse. Video here.    
  • Employee of the Month

    Our Chief Assistant, Webster the Cat, on his lunch break.
  • The Swift Communist Conquest of China, How Did It Happen?

    Due note should be taken of the swiftness with which the revolution was carried through.  Before it happened, such a rapid turn-over was, for most people, inconceivable.
  • The Bookshop with John Cleese and Marty Feldman

  • One Way Propaganda Works

    "To ... have a specific goal that would return tangible and substantial professional benefits will generate a [steady] stream of enthusiasm.  In a...
  • Elementary Catechism on the US Constitution (1828)

    A people living under a free government which they have themselves originated should be well acquainted with the instrument which contains it
  • Bibliography of 48 books and 11 pamphlets on Revivals of Religion

    48 books and 11 pamphlets on Revivals of Religion, compiled by A. C. Thompson of the Hartford Theological Seminary.
  • The Communist Manifesto: Blueprint for World Revolt

    The communist objective in this "Cold War" is to weaken their opponents by "peaceful" means to the point where they are no longer morally or physically able to resist outright aggression.
  • Little, Henry. The Wesleyan Harmony (1820)

    This is a rare item and it sold quickly.  We are posting it here for you intrepid researchers who might want to have a look at it.   Little, H...
  • The Puritan Character Produced Political Freedoms

    Let us take the character of the Puritan as it is drawn, not by a Presbyterian minister or by a descendant of the Pilgrim Fathers, but by a member...
  • Political Sovereignty Resides in the People, Delegated to Representatives, Ordained by God (1853)

    To the sovereign power in the State are delegated of God the awful prerogatives of the sword.  The sword is lawfully drawn in defence of sovereign...
  • The U.S. Constitution is the Sovereign Bond of the U.S. Citizenry (1889)

    The political debates of the present generation leave a painful impression of the neglect of constitutional study.  A failure to apprehend the rea...