Historical English Catholic Bible Collection

We were contacted again this morning by Mr. Sidney Ohlhausen regarding his exquisite Catholic Bible collection that is for sale.  Some years ago we sold for him his American Catholic Bible collection that was the basis of his two reference books published on the subject, The American Catholic Bible of the 19th Century, and a Part II. published a few years afterward.  We have a couple of copies of the first volume of his bibliography still for sale, you can follow that link.

We appraised the first collection at over one million dollars, and this appraisal was later confirmed by an IRS-qualified appraiser.  We were able to find a buyer, and all went extremely well.

Now Mr Ohlhausen has a second, smaller, even more choice collection that he has asked us to broker for him.  You can find it here on his website.  He is a very advanced collector and knows of all of the bibliographical notes that mark a rarity within an already rare edition.

His price on the group is $125K.  The price includes domestic shipping.  We are able to offer a 10% discount if you purchase through us, because we have been offered a discount if we broker a sale, and we will pass 10% of that on to you.  

We went through and estimated a retail value somewhat higher than the asking price, in the $135K range.  You or your institution may purchase the collection for $112,500 (domestic shipping included), if purchased through Haaswurth Books.

These English Catholic Bibles are the rarest of the rare, with condition being for the most part outstanding.

This is not one of our "something for everyone" list offers.  But if you are an advanced Bible collector, or an institution seeking to add an outstanding acquisition to your rare books department, this may be just the ticket.

Please contact us at Haaswurth Books to discuss this opportunity further.

Thank you!

Steve & Susan

Haaswurth Books