Feb 2020 New Arrivals & Staff Picks

Here are a few books that have come in recently, along with a few items from stock.  We've being going through boxes of philosophy (Thomistic) and missionary accounts so the list includes a fair number of those topics.  The list is priced from high to low.

[Oblong Hymnal] Songs of Sion, or Maine Collection of Sacred Music (1830)

The Massacres of Cilicia and the Government of Young Turks (1909) No other locations found.

DIHUNGILA DIHIADIHIA, Luba-Lulua Testament owned by medical missionary Dr. Eugene Kellersberger

The Life of Mr. John Hieron. With the Characters and Memorials of Ten other Worthy Ministers of Jesus Christ (Puritan Nonconformists, 1691)

An Introduction to the Basic Problems of Moral Philosophy, by Jacques Maritain

Some Thoughts on the Doctrine of Justification: to which is subjoined, A Few Remarks on the Holy Scriptures: together with An Outline of the Christian's Character and Fidelity. (1826 Ithaca NY imprint)

Storck, Foundations of a Catholic Political Order

Annals of My Life, Labours, and Travels; By Rev. Jonathan Simpson, J.P., Portrush. Belfast (1895 Irish Revivals)

A South African Perspective on the New Testament: Essays by South African New Testament Scholars presented to Bruce Manning Metzger during his Visit to South Africa in 1985

The Platonic Heritage of Thomism (1950)

The Image of His Maker: A Study of the Image of Man, by Brennan (1948)

Stowe, Harriett Beecher. A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin [First American Printing, 1953]; bound with The Bible in Spain; & Zincali: An Account of the Gypsies of Spain, both by George Borrow.

Alexandro, Natali; [Alexandre, Noel]. Expositio Litteralis et Moralis Sancti Evangelii Jesu Christii secundus Quatuor Evangelistas. Trajecti ad Mosam [Utrecht]: Lamberti Bertus, 1721

Presbyterianism in Highland County, Virginia (1937)

Antichrist; or the Spirit of Sect and Schism (1848), by John W. Nevin

A Discourse on the Final Perseverance of the Saints (1856), by D. H. A. Mc'Lean

Report of the Presbyterian Church Case: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (1839)

The 1964 English translation of Jacque Maritain's Moral Philosophy: An Historical and Critical Survey of the Great Systems

St. Thomas and the Existence of God: Three Interpretations, by Bryar (1951)

Essays on the Preaching Required by the Times, by Able Stevens (1856)

Chu, Moses (Cheng-Min). The Development of Education in Chefoo (1865-1945).  One of 300 copies printed.

Vindicating a Vision: The Story of the American Mission in Egypt, 1854-1954

MEVA'A FOE MVAME ZAMBE Boulou Language New Testament

Morrison. Grammar and Dictionary of the Buluba-Lulua Language as Spoken in the Upper Kasai and Congo Basin (1906)

Gertrude of Wyoming; A Pennsylvanian Tale. And Other Poems (1809) First Edition

Alexander, Grand Duke of Russia. The Religion of Love (1929).  He was a "mystical Freemason" and considered himself to be a Rosicrucian and Philalethes. 

VISIBILE PATRIS FILIUS: A Study of Irenaeus' Teaching on Revelation and Tradition

Writings of Jane Taylor: with a Memoir of Her Life bound with Poetical Remains and Correspondence of the late Jane Taylor (1842 Nonconformist Poet)

New Testament Theology: Independent of, and Unfettered by, the Traditions of Men, by Elihu Johnson (1883)

John Quincy Adams, The Birth of Mormonism (1916)

Ears to Hear, Lessons from the China Mission. Tracts for the Times No. 1. (1955). A sober analysis of Christian mission in China in light of the Communist Revolution.

History of The United Presbyterian Church, of Salem, New York (1876)

A Princeton professor on Predestination (1853)

The Eternal Quest: The Teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas on the Natural Desire for God, by O'Connor (1947)

Trethowan, Certainty: Philosophical and Theological (1948)

Kalata Zambe Nnom Ba Mfefe [Bible in Bulu]

A View of the World, as exhibited in the Manners, Customs, & Characteristics of All Nations; With Seventy-two Engravings. (1858)

Sermons on various Subjects, by the late Henry Kollock, D.D. (1822 Savannah imprint)

God's Grace and Human Action: Merit in the Theology of Thomas Aquinas, by Joseph P. Wawrykow

Hawker. The Life of George Grenfell, Congo Missionary and Explorer (1909)

Confession of Faith, Catechisms, &c. 1829 Church of Scotland, Presbyterian

Aquinas on the Twofold Human Good: Reason and Human Happiness in Aquinas's Moral Science

[Oblong Hymnal] Musica Sacra, 1827 6th Revised Edition

Charles M. Alexander: A Romance of Song and Soul-Winning (1920)

Former Campbellite and later Christadelphian founder, John Thomas: A Brief Exposition of the Prophecy of Daniel

Markham. Communists Crush Churches in Eastern Europe (1950)

The Emergency in China (Boxer Rebellion, 1913)

Mook: True Tales About a Chinese Boy and His Friends (1918)

Japan and Christian Missionaries in 1904

Ming-Kwong: "City of the Morning Light" (1924)

History of Greenbrier Presbytery and Its Churches (West Virginia)

[1854 Nashville imprint] Mitchell, The Influence of Missions on People and Nations

Economy of the Church: Sabbath-Schools (1845), by Erskine Mason

The Holy Spirit in the Christian Life, by Pere Gardeil

A Full History of the Wonderful Career of Moody and Sankey, in Great Britain and America (1876)

Matczak. Karl Barth on God: The Knowledge of the Divine Existence

The History of Theological Education in the United Presbyterian Church and its Ancestries (1931)

The Theodicy of Alfred North Whitehead: A Logical and Ethical Vindication 

Gospel Questions and Answers, by James Denney (1896)

Two studies from the 1920's on Race Relations in the USA: The Trend of the Races, by Haynes, and Of One Blood, A Short Story of the Race Problem, by Speer.

In Defence of Purity: An Analysis of the Catholic Ideals of Purity and Virginity (1945)

Journals of Charles Beatty, 1762-1769 [Ohio travel, Revivals]

The Cambridge "Apostles" (1906)

The Trend of the Centuries: or The Historical Unfolding of the Divine Purpose (1901)

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