George Edmund Haynes, The Trend of the Races (1922)

George Edmund Haynes, The Trend of the Races (1922)

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Haynes, George E. The Trend of the Races; With an Introduction by James H. Dillard. New York: Council of Women for Home Missions and Missionary Education Movement of the United States and Canada, 1922. [7626]

Green wrappers with dark black titles, 5 x 7 1/4 inches, 205 clean pp., light shelf-wear. Good. Paperback.

The author gives a background of sixty years of race relations between whites and blacks in the United States, assesses the trends then current in racial relations from both points of view, and offers "A Way to Interracial Peace."

Includes a bibliography for further reading.

George Edmund Haynes (1880-1960), b. Pine Bluff, Arkansas; d. Brooklyn, New York. Haynes was the first American Negro to earn a doctorate degree from Columbia University, in sociology.  He first graduated from Fisk University, and then earned his masters degree at Yale. Haynes was the co-founder and first director of the National Urban League (1911-1918). His first efforts on behalf of his race were with the YMCA, working with the Association's Colored Men's Department; he personally conducted a tour of almost all of the colored colleges of the South to assess black higher education. His move to NYC to further his education coincided with the great migration to the north of southern black workers. His studies of this emigration were the basis for his doctoral thesis, "The Negro at Work in New York." Haynes spent his life dedicated to the improvement of the Negro communities and causes, and was a leader in both civil and church organizations.