May 2022 Americana & Theology List


Democracy Unveiled; in A Letter to Sir Francis Burdett (1811).  A rare book attacking the American political system, based on the author's travels and interviews in the new United States.  Includes an interview with Thomas Paine, and remarks on Fisher Ames, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, &c.

Report of the Mounted Riflemen [1850 Oregon Trail Expedition] Osborne Cross

Adventures on the Columbia River, including A Narrative of a Residence of Six Years on the Western Side of the Rocky Mountains (1832)

Exploration of the Red River of Louisiana, in the year 1852 (2 volumes, includes map portfolio)

Picturesque America (2 vol set) 52 steel engravings, 900 illustrations, William Cullen Bryant, 1872-4.

Reports relative to the proposed division of the great Sioux Reservation, and recommending certain legislation (1890)

Vindication of Washington from the Stigma of Adherence to Secret Societies [e.g. the Freemasons] (1837)

Washington Irving's Life of George Washington (5 volume set)

Report of Major Riley of the Santa Fe Expedition (1829).  The first American military escort on the Santa Fe Trail, and the first recorded Army-Indian battle on the same, proving that foot soldiers were no match for mounted warriors.

The American Weekly Mercury (4 volume set) 1719-1723: a facsimile reprint published 1898-1907 by The Colonial Society of Pennsylvania and limited to 250 copies.

The Integrity of our National Union, vs. Abolitionism; The Christian Permitted To Own Slaves (Presbyterian, 1843)

Crofutt's New Overland Tourist and Pacific Coast Guide (1879-80).  Descriptions of the American West with very specific details about camps, forts, towns, hunting and fishing, and how to travel over the railroads.

Hamilton's Itinerarium, being a Narrative of a Journey, Colonial America, 1744

While not Americana, Samuel Eliot had intended to finish his historical studies on the History of Liberty (1849) with a volume on how the United States epitomized the aspirations of the ancients and fulfilled a more perfect vision of a free society.  We offer his The Liberty of Rome: A History. With an Historical Account of the Liberty of Ancient Nations (2 volume set) here.

An Inhabitant of New England. Remarks on the Review of Inchiquin's Letters (1815).  Rev. Timothy Dwight of Yale College defends Americans and their country from English aspersions during the War of 1812.

The first appearance of Oliver Wendell Holmes' Grandmother's Story of Bunker-Hill Battle, published for the Dedication Ceremonies of the Bunker Hill Monument in 1875.

Home of Washington at Mount Vernon and its Associations (1866).  An early guide to Mount Vernon published just after the close of the American Civil War and the reopening of the South to tourism.

Folklore from the Working Folk of America [SIGNED]

This campaign "compendium" helped to elect Abraham Lincoln as President, and was as famous in its day as Uncle Tom's Cabin: Compendium of the Impending Crisis of the South (1860)

The Illustrated History of the Centennial Exhibition at Philadelphia (1876) 300 Engravings

Fighting Phil: The Life and Military Career of Lieut.-Gen. Philip Henry Sheridan (1883)

Indian Blankets and their Makers: With Numerous Illustrations and Colored Plates

The Journal of Duncan M'Gillivray, Fur Trader, Saskatchewan 1794-5

A Presidential campaign biography: The Life and Public Services of Hon. Abraham Lincoln (1860)

Life of General Nathaniel Lyon (1862)

Colorado: The Story of a Western Commonwealth (1933)

Battle-fields and Victory: A Narrative of the Principal Military Operations of the Civil War; From the Accession of Grant to the Command of the Union Armies to the End of the War, Illustrated by W. C. Jackson.

Clark of the Ohio: A Life of George Rogers Clark 1752-1818 (1929)

Mansfield on the Condition of the Western Forts, 1853-54

John Marsh (1799-1856), Pioneer: The Life Story of a Trail-blazer on Six Frontiers [Western Americana] (1930)

Simon Kenton, Frontiersman & Indian Fighter (1932)



Minutes of the Mid-China Mission of the Presbyterian Church in the United States 1914-1923.  Ten years of rare missionary records published at Shanghai.

1792 oblong tune book published at Cheshire, Connecticut.  Andrew Law, The Rudiments of Music: or A Short and Easy Treatise on the Rules of Psalmody. To which are annexed, A number of Psalm and Hymn Tunes.

Heidelbergh Catechism in English. First American Edition, New York 1764

The Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Scotland [240 plates] 1845-52

The Religious Remembrancer containing Biographical Sketches, Theological Essays, Accounts of Revivals of Religion, Missionary Information (1821-1823). 

The Ancient Coptic Churches of Egypt (2 volume set) 1882, signed by Roswell Dwight Hitchcock, with his notes.

The Lives, Sufferings & Deaths, of the Christian Martyrs & Reformers, compiled from Fox's Book of Martyrs (1802), newly rebacked, many full-page plates.  Originally issued in 30 parts, here collected and bound.

Memoirs of the Rev. Eleazar Wheelock, D. D., Founder of Dartmouth, Great Awakening Preacher (1811)

[1814 Lexington KY imprint] James M'Chord. The Body of Christ, Presbyterian minister was defrocked for writing this theological work.

Seasonable Thoughts on the State of Religion in New-England, 1743, by Rev. Charles Chauncy

Matthias and his Impostures: or, the Progress of Fanaticism. Illustrated in the extraordinary case of Robert Matthews, and some of his forerunners and disciples (1835)

A Christmas Missionary Album, 1894 Photos Presbyterian Missions.  Scarce, with only two locations at WorldCat.

1832 Oliver Henwood, Hints on the best Means for the Revival of Religion

The Presbyterians of Baltimore; their Churches and Historic Grave-Yards (1875)

We sold the copy on our last list, and were able to find one more copy of this curious Pentecostal book: Him - His: Part One, Christ Jesus the Lord; Part Two, In His Doctrine; Part Three, As In Heaven; Part Four, Death and Resurrection

History of the Christian Church; from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time (1832), by Martin Ruter

Charles J. Jones. From The Forecastle to the Pulpit: Fifty Years Among Sailors, Revival at Sea (1884)

A Hicksite Quaker defends his group's theological views in A Review & Refutation of the Opprobrious Charges against the Society of Friends (1847)

The Mysteries of Revelation Revealed (1936) New Thought Occultism (1936)

"I Never Saw A Missionary!" The Church and Missions in India [MISSIONARY PRESS]

Shall Flags Be Displayed in Church? The Church a "Place of Prayer" (1918). This Southern Presbyterian pastor answers in the negative.

Bishop Tikhon. Russian Observations upon the American Prayer Book (1917).

A Comparison of the Good and the Evil of Revivals (1831

The Life of Rev. John Murray (1741-1815), Preacher of Universal Salvation

The Millennial Hope: A Phase of War-Time Thinking (1918).  Written by the self-proclaimed liberal theologian Shirley Jackson Case of the University of Chicago.  It is an historical study attempting to prove that social conditions produce millennial hopes.

Memorials of Rev. Elias R. Beadle, D. D., LL. D. Presbyterian (1881)

Pioneering in the San Juan, Southwestern Colorado Memoir, Presbyterian Missionary

Rev. Nicholas Murray was an Irish convert from Romanism to Presbyterianism, and in the 1840's he wrote a series of tracts to the Rt. Rev. John Hughes of New York, under the pseudonym "Kirwan,"  giving his reasons for not returning to the Church of Rome.  We have two of them here.

The Miracle Man of Montreal [SIGNED] 1922, St. André of Montreal (1845-1937)

Cornelius Van Til. Has Karl Barth Become Orthodox?

Outpouring of the Holy Spirit under the Gospel, 1840 Revival Sermon

History of Wilmington Presbytery, Wilmington, North Carolina, 1868-1968

Songs of Spiritual Power [SIGNED] by Methodist Evangelist Woodard Poole, 1946

Fifty Years and Beyond; or, Gathered Gems for the Aged (1881).  Now that Steve is 60 years and beyond, we refer to him as "the Aged One."  A popular book in its day, and we have sold many copies of it.  It contains very good practical and spiritual advice.

J. R. Miller. In His Steps: A Book for Young Christians Setting Out to Follow Christ (1885) 

Curious and Useful Questions on The Bible (1849), by the Methodist author and pastor Daniel Parish Kidder.

Bread Upon the Waters. Philadelphia: American Sunday-School Union, 1848

Grandmamma's Story-Book; Word Pictures. - No. 4. (1875) Presbyterian

Letters to a Younger Brother, on various subjects, relating to The Virtues and Vices, Duties and Dangers of Youth (James W. Alexander, 1838)

A biography of John Henry Jowett (1925) First Edition

We hope you find a few things to add to your collection!