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Last week's snowstorm set us back but now we have time to get another list to you.  We lost power and had a number of trees down on the property - after buying a new chain saw and spending a couple of days cutting and moving wood, we're back at the book business.

One of our Spring projects has been to update older ABE listings and adding them to our website.  Quite a few of those books were from the private collection of a professor of philosophy at a Catholic college, and focus on the study of Thomism.  You can find them in our philosophy catalogue, link here.  

Also, we have begun to sell the Anti-Masonic Collection as individual volumes; those still available are in the list below.

These selections are priced high to low.

Two collected volumes of 31 Anti-Masonic pamphlets (1827-1834).

Collected volume of 19 Anti-Masonic pamphlets (1827-1833).

Henry Dana Ward.  The Anti-Masonic Review, and Magazine (1828-30).

Report of the Mounted Riflemen [1850 Oregon Trail Expedition].

1907-1913 Reports of the Punjab Mission of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.

Vindication of Washington from the Stigma of Adherence to Secret Societies; bound with Proceedings of the United States Anti-Masonic Convention, 1830 & 1831.

Opinions on Speculative Masonry, by Odiorne (1830) First Edition

A scarce missionary press item from the Congo in 1930, Morrison's Grammar of the Buluba-Lulua Language as Spoken in the Upper Kasai and Congo Basin; Prepared for the American Presbyterian Congo Mission.

An Inquiry into the Nature and Tendency of Speculative Free-Masonry (1829)

Journal of Dr. Charles Coffin, 1800-1822.  We found only one other copy of this rare book of typewritten & mimeographed leaves copied from the journal of the second president of Greenville College (now Tusculum University).

The Twenty-Eighth Division, Pennsylvania's Guard, In the World War (5 volume set).

Mass Movements in Indian Evangelization, North India Conference of Christian Workers, Mussoorie, 1909.

A Historical Collection, from Official Records, Files, &c., of the Part Sustained by Connecticut, during the War of the Revolution (1842).

Him - His, an uncommon Pentecostal doctrine book written by Giuseppe Petrelli (1876-1957) Italian-born emigrant to the United States in 1905.  He became an itinerant missionary for the Pentecostal movement in the United States, Argentina, and Brazil.  

The Samaritan Molad Mosheh: Samaritan and Arabic Texts Edited and Translated with Introduction and Notes.

Two sermons on the text Isaiah 26:21-21, in which John B. Romeyn treats with the political developments in Europe as prophetical signs and fulfilments. He views Napoleon (particularly his appointments of Popish Cardinals over territories he conquers), the Pope, and the Roman Church through the lens of his interpretations of the Bible. He predicts that the fall of the Man of Sin will happen about the year 2000. 

Rev. John Emory.  The Episcopal Controversy Reviewed & A Defence of "Our Fathers" and of the Original Organization of The Methodist Episcopal Church (1838 & 1840).

The Farmer's Assistant; The Subjects on which this book treats, are numerous, embracing every article relating to Agriculture, arranged in alphabetical order (1814).

Remains of Melville B. Cox, Late Methodist Missionary to Liberia (1840).

On the Confines of Two Worlds: An Introduction to the Christian Philosophy of Man.

Hymns for the Use of the Methodist Episcopal Church (1849 Pulpit Hymnal)

A descriptive booklet of The Evangelical Seminary of Mexico, Mexico City, 1918-1919.

One of 50 large paper copies of Memoirs of Bertrand Barere, Chairman of the Committee of Public Safety during the [French] Revolution (4 volume set).  Barere was a feared co-revolutionary with Robespierre, and active in the suppression of the Royalists.  This the first English edition of his Memoirs.

Reading John with St. Thomas Aquinas: Theological Exegesis and Speculative Theology.

Gilles Emery, Trinity in Aquinas.

The backwoods of Virginia was settled by Scotch-Irish Presbyterians, who became stalwarts for patriotism during the American Revolution.  The Tinkling Spring: Headwater of Freedom; A Study of the Church and Her People, 1732-1952, chronicles a particular congregation and her people.

The Life and Writings of Francis Makemie (1658-1708), b. Ramelton, Co. Donegal, Ireland; d. Accomack Co., Virginia, Presbyterian missionary to the American colonies.

History of the Presbyterian Church, in the State of Illinois (1879).

The American's Book of Oratory, or Guardian of Liberty (1852).

Do you collect Bibles?  Do you include the many Catholic versions published in the US during the 19th century?  You will want a copy of Sidney Ohlhausen's The American Catholic Bible in the Nineteenth Century: A Catalog of English Language Editions.  "This is an enumeration of every Catholic edition of the Bible and New Testament known to have appeared with an American imprint during the 19th century. It includes editions actually published in America, and editions from England and Ireland that would later appear with the imprints of American publishers."  A few years ago we had the great privilege of selling Mr. Ohlhausen's enormous collection of Catholic Bibles upon which this bibliography was based.  We have three copies left of this important resource, two of which we will sell.

A Latin Manual: Classical Grammar, Ecclesiastical Vocabulary (1945), St. Francis Xavier University. 

Charles Hodge. The Constitutional History of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America (2 volumes).  A fair working copy, first edition from 1839-40.

Popery a threat to the United States, in National Destiny and Our Country: A Discourse (1851).

Illustrated Seamen's Narratives; By Various Authors. (ca. 1860)

The Morning Sacrifice: A Brief Explanation of the Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church (1954).

Memoir of the Life and Ministry of Mr. William Bramwell, lately an Itinerant Methodist Preacher (1836).

The Waldenses: Sketches of The Evangelical Christians in the Valleys of Piedmont (1853).

History of the North Mississippi Presbytery, 1856-1942.

Do you know of the old Practical Bible Training School?  It was started by the evangelist John A. Davis, and in its last years was named Davis College.  It closed for good a few years after the name change.  Here is a Year Book from 1932, about 30 years after they first opened.

Cooks Creek Presbyterians: A Heritage of Faith [signed].

Christian Work in South America (2 volume set) 1925.

The fundamental Doctrines of Christianity, the true and only required Basis of Charity and Christian Effort (1846).  Rev. Thomas Smyth of Charleston, South Carolina.

Horace Carleton's Essay; "Charity Vaunteth Not Itself; Is Not Puffed Up" (c. 1870).  A rather scarce American Tract Society publication.

Spanish Protestants of the Sixteenth Century; Compiled from the German of C. A. Wilkens, Doctor of Theology and Philosophy.

The Story of the Christians and Moors of Spain (1882).

The Homilist: A Series of Sermons for Preachers and Laymen (1860).

Harriet Mallard. Scripture Tests of Christian Discipleship (1858).

The Origin of the Devil and The Battle of the Ages, by a Texas Baptist (1955).

An interesting illustrated book comparing "Old Philadelphia" with the modern version of 1949, with musing on the changes, in For Better or Worse?  Rambles with Progress and Otherwise.

Bibliography of Published Articles on American Presbyterianism, 1901-1980.

Woman is the Glory of Man. (1966). With Nihil Obstat & Imprimatur.

These Seventy Years: An Autobiography [Congo Missionary] 1930.

The Huguenots; or, Reformed French Church: Their Principles Delineated; Their Character Illustrated; Their Sufferings and Successes Recorded (1870).

Lady Mary; or, Not of the World (1845).  A story written to for the higher classes of society, to impress upon them the claims of the gospel.

The Torchbearers (1924).  Brief biographies of 20 of the greatest Christian teachers.

The Glorious Church, Ephesians 5:27: 9 Positive Ways to Identify the New Testament Church (1955).

Black Sheep: Adventures in West Africa (1916), by Jean Kenyon Mackenzie.

Thanks for taking the time to look through the list!  We hope you find a few things for your library.

Steve & Susan

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