Tuttle.  Jews are Anti-Christ and Foes of Christians, Will be Converted (1893)
Tuttle.  Jews are Anti-Christ and Foes of Christians, Will be Converted (1893)

Tuttle. Jews are Anti-Christ and Foes of Christians, Will be Converted (1893)

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Tuttle, A. H. The Jew: A Sermon delivered Sunday Morning and Evening, January 22, 1893, in Mount Vermon Place M. E. Church, Baltimore. Baltimore: Methodist Book Depository, (1893). First Edition. [9388]

White waxed paper wrapper, wrapper corners/edges chipped, a few inner leaves with margin chips, 9 x 6 inches, 31 pp., top right corner bumped throughout, several sections remain unopened (not cut at top edge). Good. Pamphlet.

Scarce. OCLC with 4 copies only.

A sermon upon the text Exodus 19:5-6. A sermon treating the Jews as an elect and exceptional people, with both exceptional qualities of good and of evil alike. The author notes that the Socialist and Anarchist movements were Jewish in origin, and pose a danger to even the United States. "In the United States, and remarkably in New York, the most lurid, blatant and blasphemous of all the anarchists are the Jews, after the pattern of Johann Most. Jew is arrayed against Jew, anarchy against plutocracy." p. 24.

Tuttle says that the Jews persist in the earth to fulfill the mission of Anti-Christ in the world.

"I think no Jew will deny that he is Anti-Christ, at least in so far as it applies to Jesus of Nazareth. I therefore do him no injustice when I identify him with this arch-foe of Christianity...According to the Apocalypse, his mission is to humiliate the faithless church...Here is the secret of the Jews' continuance. They are preserved for the purpose of punishing the backslidden church. The Jew has a mortal hatred of the Christian's Christ. That hatred has been intensified through all the long long years of most unutterable sufferings, till now it is almost diabolical, and in the Apocalypse identified with Satan himself...What is weakening in the Church? Mammon, Formalism, Liberalism, - the Jews' fingers. By-and-by they will crush our bones." p. 30.

Tuttle concludes with stating that the 3 1/2 years of Antichrist (Jewish) dominance over the Church, will end with the crushing of Antichrist, at which time the world will be astonished at the conversion of the Jews to Christianity.

Alexander Harrison Tuttle (1844-1932), Methodist holiness pastor. Associated with the Christian Holiness Association. - Jones, The Holiness Movement.