The Charter of the City of Binghamton (1896)

The Charter of the City of Binghamton (1896)

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The Charter of the City of Binghamton, being Chapter 214 of the Laws of 1888, Passed May 2, 1888, with Amendments to Date, Also the Water Act and Ross Park Act, together with Ordinances and Rules of Order, passed by the Common Council. Binghamton, NY: Printed by Order of the Common Council, 1896. 1st . [437]

Good tight cloth hardcover binding, some old stains at the bottom edges of the binding, bottom corner slightly turned, 9 x 6 inches, bright gilt lettering on the spine, 365 clean and unmarked pp. Good. Hardcover.

Signed "Wm. F. Lentz, November 1st, 1896". Lentz was the Binghamton Fire Commissioner in 1896.  The section of the index pertaining to the Fire Department is bracketed by hand.

With an extensive index.

Ordinances and laws regulating life in Binghamton in 1888.  Includes the names, duties, and salaries of public officials, including the police.

Treats with arrest, police force, firemen, bowling alleys, cab-drivers, candles in barns, dead carcasses (may not be thrown in the river), street cars, roaming cattle, chimney sweeping, taxes, powers of the common council, town criers, disorderly houses, drunken persons, false swearing, fast driving, fighting, firearms, fire crackers, fires, gambling, games in the streets, gaming tables, hack-drivers, hawkers, horn-blowing, horse racing, houses of ill-fame, indecent exposure, indecent conduct to any female, jail, kite-flying, street lights, lotteries, power of the mayor to call out the military, offensive businesses, parks, patrolmen, pawnbrokers, peddlers, pig-stys, playing in streets, porters, poultry, riotous conduct, riots, saloons, scavengers, schools, slaughter-houses, stables, stage owners and drivers, streets, swimming, swine, taxes, telegraph poles, telephone poles, theatrical performances, vagrants, warrants, whistles, &c., &c.

A view of Binghamton as it was.