Mitchell, Thomas D., M.D. The Study of Medicine; an Introductory Lecture (1849)

Mitchell, Thomas D., M.D. The Study of Medicine; an Introductory Lecture (1849)

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Mitchell, Thomas D., M.D. The Study of Medicine; an Introductory Lecture, delivered in the hall of the Philadelphia College of Medicine, October 15th, 1849. Philadelphia: Published by the Class, 1849. 1st .  [346] 

Removed, stitched into a new acid-free wrapper, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches, 24 pp., good condition. Ink name stamp of an historical society on the first page of text. Good. Pamphlet.

A lecture in which the question is asked, What is the study of medicine? Dr. Mitchell conveys a thorough answer. Not a dull lecturer, he gives examples from his experience as a professor as illustrations of his points.  He takes pains to point out what the study of medicine is not.

"Thomas Duché Mitchell was born in Philadelphia in 1791. He was educated in Quaker schools and apprenticed in the pharmacy of Adam Seybert, M.D. He studied medicine under Dr. Parrish and entered the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania, from which he received his M.D. in 1812. His thesis topic was acidification and combustion. Mitchell established private practice in Philadelphia, where he held the position of Physician to the Lazaretto (1813-1816).

"He later moved his practice just outside of Philadelphia, to Frankford (1822-1831). A clear impressive lecturer, Mitchell held many academic posts in Philadelphia and the mid-west. He was appointed Professor of Animal and Vegetable Physiology at St. John’s Lutheran College, Philadelphia (1812) before holding successive professorships of chemistry at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio (1831), the Medical College of Ohio (1832), the Medical Institute, Louisville, Ky. (1837) and Transylvania University, Lexington, Ky. (1837-1839). He later held the position of Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics at Transylvania University (1839-1849). In 1849 he returned to Philadelphia to become the Professor of Medicine, Obstetrics, and Medical Jurisprudence at the Medical College of Philadelphia (1849-1857). He left this position to become Professor of Materia Medica at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia (1857-1865)." - collegeofphysicians website.