Gospel Banner and Maine Christian Pilot (1842)

Gospel Banner and Maine Christian Pilot (1842)

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Drew, William A [editor]. Gospel Banner and Maine Christian Pilot, Vol. VII. No. 49, Saturday, June 18, 1842. Augusta and Portland: Berry and Bonney, Printers, 1842. First Edition. [6581]

4 pp. large format newspaper, 14 x 21 inches, printed in 5 columns, folded at one time into eighths, now in fours.  Very good.

A single issue of this Universalist weekly newspaper. Has both original articles and ones reprinted from other sources. This issue includes:

A response by Abel C. Thomas to Luther Lee on the question, Do the Scriptures teach the Doctrine of endless punishment for any portion of the human family?

Forgiveness of Deserved Punishment

A response to the charge "It is sacrilege for a Universalist Minister to administer the Lord's Supper."

Go Daughter - Sin No More, a poem by J. D. Bangs

Reports on the Universalist Convention in Augusta

An excerpt from a sermon by the Rev. Peabody (Unitarian) on Communion Wine, and that although fermented wine was used in the New Testament, if a significant number of church members object, a church should use unfermented grape juice when administering communion.

A comment on Luther Lee's conduct during "The Lowell Controversy." "So much special pleading, so much lawyer-like quibbling, has Mr. L. employed, that the controversy, so far as he is concerned, became disgusting a long time ago."

An article asserting that the coming of Christ in the clouds, as mentioned in the gospels and I Thessalonians, was fulfilled at Pentecost.

A negative review of Revival Hymns: principally selected by the Rev. R. H. Neale: "Many of the hymns are the most simple, weak, puerile and sickening trash, that was ever rhymed on paper...Can it be possible that there are men among us, who can content themselves with singing such abominable trash, and yet presume they are doing God's service?"

The Bushel of Corn, by T. S. Arthur.

Also, brief bits of news foreign and domestic, adverts, and announcements.