Fromm. The Erich Fromm Reader

Fromm. The Erich Fromm Reader

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Fromm, Erich; Funk, Rainer [editor]. The Erich Fromm Reader. Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey: Humanities Press, 1994. ISBN: 9780391038561. [8209]

Brown hardback with black titles, 6 x 9 inches, xvi., 151 pp. Text pages are clean, a couple of words in the index are highlighted in yellow. Very good. Hardcover.

Published in German in 1985 as Erich-Fromm-Lesebuch. This English edition has a Foreword by Joel Kovel.

"Erich Fromm is probably best remembered as the author of the best-selling The Art of Loving and To Have or to Be, but he also wrote extensively on social psychology, social theory, and religion and was the founder of what he called 'democratic decentralizing socialism.' His role within this ideology as a socialist-humanist involved challenging Freuds vision of human existence, setting forth radical alternatives to traditional psychoanalytic tenets, introducing Marxs humanism into psychoanalytic theory and, perhaps most valuable, attending to the very real presence alienation in social psychology. It is this last contribution, especially, that makes Fromm's thought so relevant today because it explains how capitalist society impacts human existence.

"This reader provides a concentrated introduction to the full range of Fromms writing. The concise introductions to the texts guide the reader and reveal the inner logic of Fromms words. The Fromm who emerges from these pages is never simplistic and always meaningful. He exhibits the true genius of an original thinker in seeing the connections between overlapping knowledge from many different fields." - publisher.