1901 Missoula, MT Eviction Notice, mentions Judge Frank Hargrave Woody
1901 Missoula, MT Eviction Notice, mentions Judge Frank Hargrave Woody

1901 Missoula, MT Eviction Notice, mentions Judge Frank Hargrave Woody

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Brooks, George F. 1901 Letter of Correspondence to Eugene Carroll of Butte, Montana regarding eviction notice. Missoula, Montana: 1901. [7205]

TLS on the stationary of Geo. F. Brooks, Real Estate and Mortgage Loans, Insurance, of Missoula, Montana, with "Birdseye View of Missoula" in top right corner. Written to Eugene Carroll, Esq., of Butte, Montana, regarding the eviction of a tenant. Typed in blue ink, bold signature in black ink, dated July 3rd, 1901. Old fold creases, stored & shipped folded once, as found. Very good.

An interesting item of Western Americana, suitable for framing.

"Yours to hand and in the matter of the ousting of tenant will say that Judge Woody has him in hand and is doing all that he can. Hughes is taking every means to delay the matter...I have told Judge Woody to stay on his trail till he was out. I think this is the last move he can made to gain time. Will advise you at once what the outcome is."

We find reference to a William J. Hughes in Missoula, who died aged 56, 12 days after this letter was written.  We wonder if the letter refers to this person as "Hughes."

"Judge Woody" was Frank Hargrave Woody (1833-1916), b. Chatham Co., NC; d. Missoula, MT.  Woody went to Fort Leavenworth in 1855 "and was hired by John Waddell to accompany a supply train to Salt Lake City.  He quit the train before it arrived, but continued to Utah anyway.  In 1856 he accompanied a Van Etten freight trainto Fort Owen in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana.  He worked around Fort Owen for more than two years...He studied law, and was admitted to the bar in 1877, eventually became an attorney for the Northern Pacific Railroad and Montana State Judge for the 4th District."   Along with Christopher P. Higgins and Frank Wordon he was one of the first settlers of Missoula, originally called Hellgate Village.  He served in many official capacities for the town, and was their first mayor. - see entry at Thrapp, Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography.

George F. Brooks (1874-1954), b. Massachusetts; d. Missoula, MT. He was a real estate and insurance agent who, in his retirement, took up farming.

Eugene Carroll (1861-1951) b. Cincinnati, OH; d. Butte, MT. Carroll was a graduate of the US Naval Academy (1881), served two years, afterwards taking up the profession of civil engineering. He moved to Butte in 1891 and built the water works system for the city, and remained as its general manager.