Christian Witness in Communist China (1951)

Christian Witness in Communist China (1951)

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Barnabas [pseud]. Christian Witness in Communist China. New York: Morehouse-Gorham Company, 1951. 1st. [1377]

Orange printed wrapper separating from pamphlet 8 1/2 x5 1/2 inches, 79 pp., occasional pencil underlining, a couple of old ink name stamps. Good. Pamphlet.

 An in-depth examination of Christians in conflict with the Communist government in China, and discussion of appropriate responses.

"There is of course a point at which a Christian may decide that to obey God he must take sides against his government: become an active revolutionary in an underground resistance, or a martyr through public prophetic denunciation. But few westerners, especially Americans, realize the extreme nature of this decision, or the possibilities of Christian action short of it." - p. 78.

These chapters are relevant to Christians in America today.

The Moral Power of Communism and the Dilemma of Christians
Moral Smokescreens
The Ideological Attack of Chinese Communism
The Communist Opposition to Christianity
Economic Pressures upon the Church
Political Pressures upon the Church
The Response of Christians to Communist Political Pressure
The Results of the Encounter
The Christian Truth which Communism Forces us to Rediscover