Tooting our own horn

Regarding my recent order---Yorktown's Captive Fleet---the book arrived today (2/6), having been order on 2/2. From New York to New Mexico in just four days. Incredible! Especially given the shape of the USPS these days. Thank you kindly. Thank you, too, for the exquisite book. Perfect condition (as advertised) and even in a dust jacket cover. An invoice, appended with a "Thank You". A carefully build box for mailing (unusual and appreciated). I infrequently do likewise, so I know that this took some effort. And, last, but not least, a discount card for future purchases. What can I say, but I think I've found the perfect bookstore where all the right things are done right. As a book dealer myself for 40 years, I appreciate and value the experience buying from you. So many sellers on ABE unfortunately don't have the foggiest idea what they are doing. I list on ABE, too. Thank you for a lovely experience. You are a credit to the profession.