Ian Fleming's James Bond novels to be revised to erase material deemed offensive

We always advise our customers to buy and hold onto a physical copy of any book from the past that interests them.  In our Orwellian times, a Ministry of Truth is rewriting the past to conform with new "values," rather than to allow examples of the common culture of our past to remain.

This article by Rajan Laad at American Thinker reveals one of the latest targets of the culture war, the novels of Ian Fleming.

"The risk is that this quest for "sensitivity" will result in an Orwellian rewriting of the past.  Art is a reflection of the time it was created.  This includes both the ideas and the language used.

"If we begin erasing the "offensive" bits, where does it end?

"Being offended is subjective.  The crudest joke with coarse language may be hilarious to one while fairy tales may be offensive to another.

"If we start removing all that is offensive, some day we will end up with a blank page.

"There is another risk here.

"If fiction can be revised, perhaps history will be amended to fit a narrative."

The essay is worth reading, if you have the time.