Haaswurth Books moves to Shopify

Hi everyone,

At least, that's what we're trying to do.  We find that running an online bookstore is a constant challenge, and the process changes. Shopify is simple to use but the connections to eBay, Facebook, and elsewhere are a bit tricky to get right.  We're working on it!

Hopefully you will find this to be a better shopping experience, and we can get rare books in front of you through your desktop or phone.  As we sit here, we have probably 10,000 books that you don't know that we have - and we want to change that.  In fact, we recently bought 6,000 books from a Christian Bible school, and they are still in storage.

From now on, each book is going into our Bookhound8 database, and from there to ABE and Shopify, and then from Shopify to our eBay and Facebook stores.

Please sign up, join, or whatever it is you do to get alerts when we add books.

Also, we'd like to hear your suggestions and thoughts about this new platform...anything we can do or change to make it easier for  you to learn about and buy our books...that is what we are attempting to improve for you.

Thanks for doing business with us!

Susan & Steve