Haaswurth Books in Maine, 2022

Hello all!  Here are some photos and comments from our annual Maine trip.

We stop along the way up at some auction houses to pick our recent winnings, and during our travels stop at book shops and some antique stores. 

One shop that you will not want to miss is Two Brothers Books in Freeport, Maine. Dave has an incredible inventory and great prices, and the books are not for sale online.  Here is our blog post about Two Brothers, and our interview with Dave.  Below are a few pictures to give you an idea of the place.

Be sure to check our blog post for the whole story.

Home base once we get settled in is at a cottage in Brooksville.  The property is an old seaside inn that has been around for 130 years or so, with cabins added probably in the 1960's.  Here's ours...

This is the main inn.

If you are ever making a trip up Bar Harbor way, this is an hour or so south along the coast.  Here is there website: Oakland House Seaside Inn and Cottages.  It is a very quiet, private, place to stay.  Rustic and comfortable cabins, no TV, limited wifi - it's a perfect escape.  Susan calls it "glamping."  The scenery here is amazing.

The water teems with seals, porpoises, fish, and waterfowl.

There were also critters on land to photograph.

There is a hiking trail that leads to grand vistas.

There aren't any fancy restaurants close by - you have to drive to Stonington out on Deer Island for that, about forty-five minutes to an hour away; or over to Blue Hill which is a little closer.

There is a Mexican! lunch shop nearby, and it only took us about ten years to get the joke.  The food is delish.

What else would you name a Mexican eatery in L. L. Bean country?

A new place for us this year was The Maine Lobster Lady.  Have a look at a real lobster roll, they way they should be made.

After spending many hours of our buying trip out chasing books, we like to take some time to watch the boats & ships go by. 

Lobster fishermen

Until next year!