Griggs. The General Baptist Hymn Book, Kentucky 1852

Griggs, H. A. The General Baptist Hymn Book: containing a selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs for Christian Worship, with several Original Pieces. Louisville, KY: Published by the Compiler | (Stereotyped and Printed by Morton & Griswold, Louisville, Ky), 1852. First Edition. [8487]

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Full leather binding, black title label to spine, boards detached, 3 x 5 inches. Binding covered in a linsey-woolsey cloth, hand stitched over the boards. Lacks front and rear blanks. 550 pp. of hymns, text complete and good with old stains, a few mostly illegible notes, and some edge-wear; Index of hymns pp. 551-565 mutilated with loss.  Fair.

Not in Starr's Baptist Bibliography. No mention in either Reynolds or Music & Richardson. No record at WorldCat, AAS, or LOC. Rare.

651 Hymns, words only, metre noted.

Elder H. A. Griggs was associated with the General Baptist Churches in Kentucky.

"We, the Committee appointed by Liberty, Union, and Cumberland Associations of General Baptists, to examine a Hymn Book, compiled by Elder H. A. hereby cheerfully recommend the Book to the public, and to our own denomination in particular." - Benoni Stinson, Miles Frasure, W. W. Jenkins, and Robert Cary.