Carl Carmer could spin a yarn

We found this newspaper clipping in a book today that relates a story told by Carl Carmer.

“The Averys were giving a large party one afternoon in their sumptuous, begabled cottage on the high bluff above the waters of a Finger Lake.

“Here comes Cap’n Tom’s sight-seeing boat,’ said Ed Avery to all of his high-toned guests, ‘with Cap’n Tom himself at the megaphone. Very salty and pungent fellow, Tom!  Never says the same thing twice.  Now keep still and listen to him and you’ll hear something worthwhile.”

“So the party quieted down and sure enough in a few moments up over the bluff came a cracked, nasal bellow:

“Estate of old Ed Avery,’ shouted Cap’n Tom. ‘Married rich an’ ain’t done a lick of work since.’”

Carl Carmer (1893-1975), born in Cortland, New York, the most famous and successful writer about life in upstate New York.  During his long career Carmer taught at both Syracuse and Alabama Universities, was a consultant on folklore to Walt Disney, and became the assistant editor at Vanity Fair.