Bibliography of 48 books and 11 pamphlets on Revivals of Religion

Revivals of Religion

Stamped: Theological Seminary Library, Hartford, Conn.  Apr 24 1889, "A. C. Thompson" in pencil beneath the title.

48 books and 11 pamphlets on Revivals of Religion, compiled by A. C. Thompson of the Hartford Theological Seminary.

I. History of Revivals (Volumes).

1. Robert Fleming: The Fulfilling of Scripture.  2 vols. London, 1681.

2. John Gillies: Historical Collections Relating to Remarkable Periods of the Success of the Gospel.  Glasgow: 1754 2 vols. We have a fine copy from 1845 for sale here.

3. Jonathan Edwards: Thoughts on the Revival of Religion in New England, 1740.  Works (Dwight's Ed.) Vol. IV, pp. 78-280.

4. Thomas Prince: An Account of the Revival of Religion in Boston in the years 1740-43. We have a copy for sale here.

5. James Robe (and others): Narratives of the Extraordinary  Work of the Spirit of God at Cambuslang, Kilsyth, &c. Begun 1742.  With Attestations by Ministers, Preachers, &c. Glasgow, 1790.

6. Calvin Colton: History and Character of American Revivals.  London, 1832.

7. History of Revivals of Religion in the British Isles, especially in Scotland.  By the author of the "Memoir of the Rev. M. Bruen."  Edinburgh, 1836.

8. Joseph Tracy: The Great Awakening.  Boston, 1842.  We have a BOT reprint for sale here.

9. D. Macfarlan: The Revivals of the XVIIIth Century, particularly at Cambuslang.  Edinburgh, 1855.

10. Narratives of Revivals of Religion in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and America.  Philadelphia.

11. Bennett Tyler: New England Revivals.  Boston, 1846.

12. William Gibson: The Year of Grace; A History of the Revival in Ireland, A. D. 1859.  Boston, 1860.

13. William Reid: Authentic Records of Revivals.  London, 1860.

14. Narrative of Messrs. Moody and Sankey's Labors in Scotland, Ireland, and England.  New York, 1875.

15. William W. Bennett: Narrative of the Great Revival in the Southern Armies.  Philadelphia, 1877.

16. P. C. Headley: Evangelists in the Church.  Boston, 1879.

17. Edwin Paxton Hood: The Great Revival of the XVIIIth Century.  With a Supplement on the Revival in America.  Philadelphia: American Sunday-School Union, 1882.

Narratives of Conversions in Revivals.

18. Jonathan Edwards: Narrative of Surprising Conversions.  Dwight's Ed.  Vol. IV, pp. 61-74.

19. D. Macfarlan: Revivals of the XVIIIth Century.

20. John Kennedy: The Divine Life.  Philadelphia, 1857.

21. William C. Conant: Narrative of Remarkable Conversions and Revival Incidents - including a Review of Revivals.  New York, 1858.

22. Sketches from Life.  Am. T. Society.

II. Didactic Treatment

23. Jonathan Edwards: Distinguishing Marks of a Work of God's Spirit.  Works (Dwight's Ed.) 10 vols.  New York.  Vol. III, 549-612.

24. Letters of the Rev. Dr. Beecher and Rev. Mr. Nettleton, on the "New Measures." New York, 1828.

25. Grant Powers: Influence of Imagination on the Nervous System.  Andover, 1828.

26. William B. Sprague: Lectures on Revivals of Religion.  Glasgow, 1832.

27. William B. Sprague: Do. 3d Ed. New York, 1835.

28. Charles G. Finney: Lectures on Revivals of Religion.  2d Ed. New York, 1835.

29. Lectures on Revivals of Religion.  By Ministers of the Church of Scotland.  Glasgow.

30. Albert Barnes: Sermons on Revivals.  New York, 1841.

31. Heman Humphrey: Revival Conversations.  Boston, 1844.

32. David E. Ford: Decapolis.  London, 1850.

33. James Porter: Revivals of Religion.  6th Ed.  New York, 1854.

34. Henry C. Fish: Primitive Piety Revived.  Boston, 1855.

35. J. V. Watson: Helps to the Promotion of Revivals.  New York, 1856.

36. James W. Alexander: The Revival and its Lessons.  New York, 1858.

37. The Power of Grace.  New York, 1858.

38. William Reid: Words to Winners of Souls.  London, 1859.

39. John Levington: Power with God and Men.  Philadelphia, 1868.

40. Edward N. Kirk: Lectures on Revivals.  Boston, 1875.

41. R. W. Dale: The Evangelical Revival, and Other Sermons.  London, 1878.

42. The Gospel Invitation: Sermons Relating to the Boston Revival of 1877.  Boston, 1878.

43. Herrick Johnson: Revivals; their Place and their Power.  Chicago, 1882.

44. W. W. Newell: Revivals; How and When?  New York, 1882.

III. Historical and Didactic

45. Heman Humphrey: Revival Sketches and Manual.  New York, 1859.

46. Henry C. Fish: Handbook of Revivals.  Boston, 1874.

47. G. W. Hervey: Manual of Revivals.  New York: 1884.

48. W. Froggatt: The Work of God in Every Age.  London, 1867.

Tracts and Pamphlets.

1. W. C. Walton: Narrative of a Revival of Religion in Baltimore.  Baltimore, 1824.  We have a copy for sale here.

2. Edward D. Griffin: Letter to the Rev. Ansel D. Eddy.  Williamstown, 1832.

3. W. C. Walton: Preparation for Special Efforts.  Hartford, 1833.  We have a copy for sale here.

4. John Howard Hinton: Means of a Religious Revival.  3d Ed. Albany, 1833.

5. Daniel O. Merton: Narrative of a Revival in Springfield, Vt., 1834.

6. Andrew Reed: State of Religion in Wycliffe Chapel.  4th Ed. London, 1840.

7. Charles Reed & John Angell James: On Religious Revivals.  3d. Ed.  London, 1858.

8. George Duffield: The Pastor and Inquirer.  A. T Society.

9. Joel Hawes: Reminiscences of Revivals in First Church, Hartford, 1865.

10: Lukewarmness, and Means of Revivals.  A. T. Society.

11. Baron Stow: The Revival in Ireland.  A. T. Society.