Amazon bans Christian literature

An article in today's PJMedia 

"Amazon has deleted two books by two different Christian authors. Glorified, by Jon Del Arroz and Deus Vult, by Declan Finn were set to be released the first week in November. Both are strong traditional Christian science-fiction novels. According to the authors and publisher, Amazon has not been responsive to inquiries.

"Not only are the new releases gone from the site, but all of their pre-orders have been deleted and they cannot be restored. The only communication Silver Empire publishing received from Amazon claimed they had not uploaded the manuscripts on time, Russell Newquist, publisher, told Bounding into Comics. "Amazon’s claiming I didn’t get the final files uploaded in time, but that’s total B.S.," he said. "I had the files for both uploaded weeks ago.” Unfortunately, he can't log into his account to screen-grab the evidence that the files are there."

This is one reason why we closed our Facebook store and deleted our business account from that platform.  They were constantly disallowing Christian titles that we offered, claiming that they were inappropriate and against their policies.