Works of Rev. John Witherspoon, 9 vol set, Signer of Declaration of Independence
Works of Rev. John Witherspoon, 9 vol set, Signer of Declaration of Independence

Works of Rev. John Witherspoon, 9 vol set, Signer of Declaration of Independence

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Witherspoon, John. The Works of the Rev. John Witherspoon, Late President of the College at Princeton, New Jersey: Nine volume set, complete; With a Prefatory Memoir, by H. Rondel Rumburg. Harrisonburg, Virginia: Sprinkle Publications, 2001-2007.

As new set. Gray cloth stamped in blind & gilt, sewn bindings, 6 x 8 3/4 inches, 2,492 total pp. The set takes up about nine inches of shelf space. No longer in the shrink wrap. Volume V. has an owner's signature on the ffep and a round emboss name stamp on the tp. New. Hardcover.  [3784] $225.00

William W. Woodward of Philadelphia published the first edition of the four-volume set in 1801, and the second edition was published in 1802. The Sprinkle Publications edition is basedon the revised and corrected Second Edition, and the text has been reset by the Society for Biblical and Southern Studies. Pastor H. Rondel Rumburg has updated the text from some of the more archaic words and uses.

Vol. I. - Prefatory Memoir; Funeral Discourse by Rev. Dr. John Rodgers of New York; An Essay on Justification; Treatise on Regeneration.

Vol. II. - Sermons on The Leading Truths of the Gospel, Forming a Connected System of These Truths

Vol. III. - Sermons on Doctorial [sic] and Practical Subjects for The People of God [should be "Doctrinal"]

Vol. IV. - Sermons to Instruct Ministers and Edify the Church of Christ

Vol. V. - Final Sermons; Warning about the Stage and Acting; Ecclesiastical Characteristics

Vol. VI. - The History of a Corporation of Servants; Lectures on Moral Philosophy; Lectures on Eloquence

Vol. VII. - Introductory Lectures on Divinity; Letters on Education; Letters on Marriage; Address to the Inhabitants of Jamica; Speech in the Synod of Glasgow; An Humble Supplication; &c.

Vol. VIII. - An Essay on Marriage; Speeches in Congress; Thoughts on American Liberty; On Conducting the American Controversy; &c.

Vol. IX. - The Life of the Rev. John Witherspoon, D.D. L.D., with a brief review of his writings: and a summary estimate of his character and talents. by Ashbel Green, D.D. Edited by Henry Lyttleton Savage, Ph.D., Archivist Emeritus in the Library of Princeton University

John Witherspoon, D.D., LL.D. (1722-1794), born near Edinburgh, Scotland; died near Princeton, N. J. Educated and licensed to preach in Scotland, he was minister of Scottish congregations until 1768, when he was elected President of the College of New Jersey. His leadership was instrumental in developing the solid character and scholarship of that institution. Witherspoon delivered lectures on four subjects to the students, - Eloquence and Composition, Taste and Criticism; Moral Philosophy; Chronology and History; and Divinity. In 1776 he was elected by the citizens of New Jersey as a delegate to the Congress that produced the Declaration of Independence. Witherspoon is one of the signers of that document. Witherspoon served in the Congress until 1782. He was highly esteemed.

“The name of Dr. Witherspoon stands high on both continents. No man thinks of Witherspoon as a Briton, but as an American of the Americans; as the counsellor of Morris, the correspondent of Washington, the rival of Franklin in his sagacity, and of Reed in his resolution; one of the boldest in that Declaration of Independence, and one of the most revered in the debates of the Congress.” – J. W. Alexander.