Thomas, Joshua.  The American Baptist Heritage in Wales

Thomas, Joshua. The American Baptist Heritage in Wales

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Thomas, Joshua; Ramsey, Carroll C. and Ramsey, Willard A. [editors]. The American Baptist Heritage in Wales; Part One: The Histories of Four Welsh Baptist Churches C. 1633-1770 selected from The History of the Baptist Church in Wales, by Joshua Thomas. Part Two: Joshua Thomas, A Biography. By Eric W. Hayden. Lafayette, TN: Church History Research and Archives Affiliation, 1976. 

Blue cloth, 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 inches, xxii., 121, ix., 76 clean pp. Ex Bible college library with the standard extras, library label removed from spine, some light scuffs where the label once was. Good. Hardcover.  [5109] 

The book "contains materials selected from a massive handwritten manuscript, The History of the Baptist Churches in Wales, by Joshua Thomas (1719-1797). The selection of this material was made among other reasons, to show the historical background of the Welsh Baptist church which came to America, as a complete organized church body, and settled near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1701). The church later moved to Newcastle County (now Delaware) and settled in an area they called Welsh Tract (1703). Some of the members of the Welsh Tract Church then moved to South Carolina and settled along the Peedee River. There they organized a Baptist Church known as the Welsh Neck Church (1738), from which many other churches spread over the South. The Welsh Tract Church was the first, and so far as known the only 'emigrant' Baptist church in America, i.e., an organized church migrating as a unit, and it is believed that more of the Baptist churches descended from the Welsh Tract Church than from any other.

"The purpose of this book, to show the Welsh heritage of many of the Baptists in America, is the reason for the special non-chronological arrangement of the four specific churches whose histories are included in this volume. While the Welsh Tract Church is the latest of the four, it appears first because it was thought desirable that the reader be made aware of the American based church which migrated from Wales. Then we 'flash back' to the Welsh based churches and present the historical accounts pertaining to the remaining three churches in chronological order as they lead up to the formation of the Welsh Tract Church. The histories of the four churches in this volume, Welsh Tract, Olchon, Swansea, and Rhydwilim, were translated into English by Joshua Thomas himself, as part of The History of the Baptist Churches in Wales, but were originally written and published in the Welsh language. The material in this volume is the first English publication of the direct writings from the History." - Introduction.