Stearns, Jonathan F. Justification by Faith (1852)

Stearns, Jonathan F. Justification by Faith (1852)

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Stearns, Jonathan F. Justification by Faith: A Sermon delivered before the Synod of New-York and New-Jersey, in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Wednesday Evening, October 20, 1852. New-York: Published by Direction of the Synod | Printed by John A. Gray, 1852. First Edition. [6135]

Printed white wrapper, 5 3/4 x 9 inches, 36 pp., center vertical crease. Very good. Pamphlet.

The text is Romans 5:1,2.

The author was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Newark, NJ.

He compares Bible justification with the errors of the Oxford men who he says embrace the justification scheme  of Rome, and that of the New England theology of Emmons, who reduces justification to a mere pardon of sins. He states that justification implies more than a mere pardon.

"Justification is a finished work, once for all, and takes place immediately, on the first act of faith; but pardon or forgiveness of sins is not finished in this world, but runs through the entire life, following the commission of ever sin after it is repented of. Justification includes the pardon of all past sins, and the promise of pardon for future sins; because it acknowledges a righteousness which cannot stand in connection with condemnation, and the removal of condemnation is pardon. But to include or imply pardon, is by no means the same as to exclude everything else."