Ribe. The Romance of Language [Bantu Language Studies]

Ribe. The Romance of Language [Bantu Language Studies]

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Riebe, John R. The Romance of Language [Bantu Language Studies]. Brooklyn: Africa Inland Mission, 1952. First Edition. [2326]

Tall gray cloth hardcover, 8 1/2 x 10 3/4 inches, [xiv.] 126 clean pp., ex Bible school library with the usual additions. Frontispiece portrait of the author. Good. Hardcover.

The author was a missionary in British East Africa (Kenya Colony) for over five years, afterwards becoming a member of the faculty of the Moody Bible Institute.

"In perhaps no area is there a greater diversity of languages than in Africa, and it was in one portion of this great continent, in Kenya Colony, that Mr. Reibe's own missionary service was performed. Though obliged to leave the field because of ill health, his intense interest in African missions, and particularly of the language problem, has continued to the present. [This book] is free from many of the technicalities that surround linguistic study and it correlates language with life, considering it from the point of view of practical missionary efficiency." - Foreword.

Some of the chapters are: Language, the Key to the Missionary Message; Richness of Bantu Speech; Insights into Bantu Language Structure; Use of the Wrong Word; Quest for the Right Word; Learning the Language; Translating the Message; &c.