Litton, Edward Arthur. Introduction to Dogmatic Theology

Litton, Edward Arthur. Introduction to Dogmatic Theology

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Litton, Edward Arthur. Introduction to Dogmatic Theology. London: James Clarke, 1960.

Blue cloth with dust jacket, 6 x 8 3/4 inches, xv., 608 pp., some pencil underlining & marginalia. Ex Bible college library with standard additions. Good in good dust-jacket. Hardcover.  [4949] 

Edward Arthur Litton (1813-1897), M.A.; b. in Ireland., Anglican pastor and theologian. He won double-class honors at Oxford in 1835, was Bampton Lecturer in 1856, and Select Preacher to the University in 1861. He was Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Durham from 1856 to 1870, and from 1860 Rector of Naunton in Gloucestershire.

The work "surveys more comprehensively than any English book on the subject the general course of theology in early, medieval, and modern times, and illustrates the principles of various systems, whether Catholic or Protestant, which have from time to time prevailed." - Dr. Henry Wace.

"For clearness of view, firmness of grasp, balance of statement, and forcefulness of presentation, Litton remains unsurpassed among works on Anglican Dogmatics." - Dr. W. H. Griffiths Thomas.