Husband and Wife, ca. 1920.  Christian doctor sex in marriage, eugenics

Husband and Wife, ca. 1920. Christian doctor sex in marriage, eugenics

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Schofield, A .T. Husband and Wife. London: Pickering & Inglis, ca. 1920. [9235]

Blue cloth with black titles & border, 8 1/2 x 5 3/4 inches, no dj, former owner's signature on ffep, 173 clean pp., tight. Very good. Hardcover.

This book on practical marriage matters was written by an M.D. and published by a Christian firm. It includes a chapter on The Eugenics of Marriage, eugenics just then being a new science. This chapter was written or amended after WWI, with reference to it being "the terrible doctrine that has made Europe a shambles: forced as it was upon the world in Germany, with fire and sword, backed by pagan philosophy. In short, the method of the stock farm cannot be successfully practiced on the human race...The difficulty of Eugenics when applied to humanity is, that strong bodies do not always mean great or even good minds. Heroes are not always healthy, nor are the weak always wicked. This is kin to the further dogma that might is the only right; if indeed the strong are the only good." He does advocate for the diseased and unfit not procreating: "It is obvious that afterwards Eugenics concern the child and not the mother. Certain classes are obviously unfitted for parenthood, and, however hard the law may prove in some individual cases, the unfit should not marry. As to who constitutes the unfit there is a wide difference of opinion. Taking the word in its most obvious interpretation it certainly includes the insane, consumptives, and many others afflicted with incurable diseases or disabilities...It is far better for healthy cousins to intermarry, than for a healthy person to marry one in this diseased condition."           

The book has chapters for the married couple; for the husband alone; for the wife alone; for the mother; and for the husband, wife and mother together.

A. T. Schofield, M.D. (1846-1929), distinguished Harley Street physician, one of the best-known Christian workers in London. He was converted at the age of 14, entered into the medical profession as a young man, and was successful both in his medical practice and as a lecturer on medical themes. His religious views were in sympathy with the Plymouth Brethren, and he organized a Sunday School with 500 students and 50 teachers in his village of Rochdale.

"He was one of the 6 founders of the 'Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen' which has done such wonderful work - spiritually, morally, and physically - for these hardy sons of toil...He was a valued helper in the Great Missions of Moody and Sankey in the Albert Hall and other places; also in the missions of Torrey and Alexander. He was a member of the Prophecy Investigation Society and the Victoria Institute, as well as other societies, and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society." - Brethren Archive online.