Buckley. The Fundamentals and Their Contrasts: The Quillian Lectures for 1905

Buckley. The Fundamentals and Their Contrasts: The Quillian Lectures for 1905

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Buckley, James M. The Fundamentals and Their Contrasts. The Quillian Lectures for 1905. Eaton & Mains/ Jennings and Graham, 1906. First Edition. [6589]

Red cloth hardcover with gilt lettering, ex college library with the usual features including white ink call numbers on the spine. The text is clean and unmarked; the book is tight and square. No dust jacket. The first few pages opened roughly, the rest remain unopened. Good. Hardcover.

This is a book of apologetics, a defence of the Christian faith and a study of the best way to communicate it in the modern age. The chapters are Religions and Religion; No God; Many Gods or One; Inspiration and Revelation; False and Distorted Forms of Christianity; The Indestructibility of Christianity; and an Index.

Rev. James Monroe Buckley, D.D., LL.D., (1836-1920), b. Rahway, N.J.; "studied theology at Exeter, N.H., and became a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which he held a prominent position." - Allibone.

Buckley was for thirty-two years editor of the New York Christian Advocate; his patriotism for the Union cause led to his appointment to carry letters from Horace Greeley, Charles Sumner, &c. to the British Parliament in 1863; he was instrumental in the founding of the Methodist Episcopal Hospital (Brooklyn) in 1881. He was a leading opponent of female suffrage, and wrote the book The Wrong and Peril of Woman Suffrage (1909), and earned the title "Captain of Conservatives" due to his views. Buckley wrote A History of the Methodists in the United States for the American Church History Series. He was an influential leader amidst the American Methodists during his long ministry.