Baxter, Richard.  Call to the Unconverted (Sovereign Grace Publishers Edition)

Baxter, Richard. Call to the Unconverted (Sovereign Grace Publishers Edition)

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Baxter, Richard; Green, Jay. Call to the Unconverted; with God's Everlasting Love for His People, by Jay Green. Grand Rapids: Sovereign Grace Publishers, 1971. Green cloth, 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 inches, former owner's signature on ffep, 58 + 30 clean and unmarked pp.  [4541] 

Richard Baxter (1615-1697), “an eminent nonconformist divine. He was unlucky in his education by falling into the hands of ignorant schoolmasters; neither had he the advantage of academical study; but he had the use of an excellent library, with which he endeavored to supply the deficiency. Received orders 1638; became minister at Kidderminster, 1640. At the Restoration he was appointed one of the king’s chaplains, and was offered the bishopric of Hereford, which he declined. Not being allowed to continue at Kidderminster, he settled in London. Although he did not conform, he attended the parish churches. His theological system has been called Baxterianism; it holds a middle way between Calvinism and Arminianism. He was a man of great piety, zeal, and simplicity, with a moving and pathetical way of writing. His industry was great, having published 168 distinct treatises, and few have ever been to better purpose. Dr. Barrow affirmed that his practical writings were never mended, and his controversial ones seldom confuted. According to Dr. Bates, they contain a treasure of controversial, casuistical, positive, and practical divinity.” – Darling.

“Baxter is my particular favorite: it is impossible to tell you how much I am charmed with the devotion, good sense, and pathos, which is everywhere to be found in him.” – Doddridge.

“He cultivated every subject he handled, and if he had lived in the primitive time, he had been one of the fathers of the church. It was enough for one age to produce such a person.” – Bishop Wilkins.

“He must be very wise or very stupid to whom Baxter can import no instruction.” – Orme.

“His books of practical divinity have been effectual for more numerous conversions of sinners to God, than any printed in our time; and while the church remains on earth, will be of continual efficacy to recover lost souls.” – Dr. Bates.