Whitefield Preaching at Moorfields, A.D. 1742, by E. Crowe

Whitefield Preaching at Moorfields, A.D. 1742, by E. Crowe

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"Whitefield Preaching in Moorfields," A.D. 1742, by E. Crowe, in the Exhibition of the Royal Academy.  Engraved by W. Thomas., 1865.

We find reference to this engraving in the London Illustrated News.  It was described in their review of the 1865 Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts.  This engraving is from their July 22 issue - we can see at the bottom that there is printing on the backside, and we believe this is an original engraving from the 1865 newspaper.

It was striking at the time, and was met with mixed reviews. 

"This is one of the artist’s best pictures, although it is rather hard in treatment; much of that characteristic being due to a conscientious attempt to give the effect of open daylight … That Mr. Crowe has made this hurly-burly almost too potent in his picture was an error on the strong side. His work is a little opaque, but very solid and rich in characterization..." - Athenaeum May 13, 1865.

"Mr. Eyre Crowe in all his series, and it is a long one, of pictures illustrating the past in the biographies of famous men, has not painted a better picture than his ‘Whitefield in Moorfields’, though we should say he has had better subjects. After all, Whitefield … preaching in the midst of the booths of Moorfields Fair was an impertinence, whatever the preacher’s zeal… Mr. Crowe has given a very clever realization of the scene from his journal … But John Wesley among the miners of the Forest of Dean would have been a nobler as well as a more picturesque illustration of the Methodist Apostolate." - The Times May 24, 1865.

Large wood engraving, wood frame.  The white semi circle you see to the right is a reflection from a lamp - wasn't able to get a perfect picture.  The frame is recent, one pin-prick sized ding, top and to the right (you might be able to see it, it is a dark ding.)  The frame measures 21 x 16 1/2 inches.