The Works of William H. Prescott, 15 vols. EXTRA ILLUSTRATED with 1203 plates inc 141 proofs, 2 original drawings, ALS of William Prescott, autographed document of Philip II (1562), &c.

Prescott, William H. The Works of William H. Prescott, 15 vols. EXTRA ILLUSTRATED with 1203 plates inc 141 proofs, 2 original drawings, ALS of William Prescott, autographed document of Philip II (1562), &c. Boston & New York: American Stationer’s Company; Harper & Bros.; Phillips, Sampson & Co., 1838-57. 1st . 15 vols in fine leather bindings, 6 panels on spines, decorated in gilt. 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches, the set is 37 inches long. Top edges gilt. Extra-illustrated.  Three volumes (XII., XIII., XIV.) rebacked in cloth with the original leather backstrip relaid; cloth showing at the joints.  These volumes were once donated to a small Catholic college, and they have ink name stamps of the college on the title pages, last page of text, and occasionally on a p. of text. NO stamps or markings on the plates, maps, or letters. There are penciled notations on the front free end papers, but no other library matter (these never had spine labels, card pockets, etc.). Very good.   [1262]    $13,950.00

This collection of Prescott’s historical and miscellaneous works in 15 volumes all first editions is extra-illustrated with 1203 plates of which 141 are proofs and 2 are original drawings. The inserted plates are older than the books. There are 581 portraits, 371 views, 166 historical scenes, 5 plans of cities, 25 plates of figures, 19 plates of types of inhabitants, 18 maps, 3 illuminated coats of arms, and 15 illuminated title pages. Also historical documents, originals, with autograph of Philip II (1562) on a Latin document, an ALS of the author, and an ALS of Charles P. Daly on the portraits of Columbus.

Vol. I. History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella. vol i. Second printing of 500 copies of the first edition, February, 1838. 411 pp. 106 plates including 28 proofs, being 44 portraits, 52 views, 7 historical scenes, 5 plans of cities, 1 map and 1 illuminated coat of arms, and 1 illuminated armor.

Vol. II. History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella. vol ii. 1838. 509 pp. 94 plates of which 11 are proofs, being 29 portraits, 39 views, 20 historical scenes, 5 maps and 1 illuminated coat of arms.

Vol. III. History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella. vol iii. 1838. 531 pp. 91 plates of which 19 are proofs, being 44 portraits, 47 views and 1 map. Includes a letter by Chief Justice (NY) Charles Patrick Daly discussing the portraits of Columbus. A pocket at back includes a letter to Hon. I. F. Daly of NY from Charles P. Daly, written from Granada, describing the Alhambra, on the grounds of which the hotel was located.

Vol. IV. History of the Conquest of Mexico. vol. i. 1843. 488 pp. 51 plates being 10 portraits, 7 views, 18 historical scenes, 15 figures and 2 maps. The History is illustrated with the superb plates from Solis’ History printed at Madrid in 1783.

Vol. V. History of the Conquest of Mexico. vol. ii. 1843. 480 pp. 36 plates being 3 portraits, 7 views, 21 historical scenes, 4 plates of figures and 1 map.

Vol. VI. History of the Conquest of Mexico. vol. iii. 1843. 524 pp. 26 plates (1 proof), being 10 portraits, 6 historical scenes, 3 views, 3 maps, 1 plate of figures, original title page of edition deluxe of Solis’ Historia, 1 facsimile of writing of Cortez, portrait of Cortez. The folding maps are by Don Tomas Lopez: Mapa Geografico, de la parte de Nueva Espana donde se describe el camino de Cortes.., 1783; Mapa de una parte de Chile…, 1777; Mapa de Las Lagunas, Rios y Lugares que circundan a Mexico…1783. The maps are in fine condition.

Vol. VII. – History of the Conquest of Peru. vol. i. 1847. 527 pp. 38 plates (1 proof), being 12 portraits, 11 historical scenes, 7 views, 3 maps, & 5 plates of figures. Many of the plates are folding, signed, and include engravings by Picart and others.

Vol. VIII. – History of the Conquest of Peru. vol. ii. 1847. 547 pp. 59 plates of which 11 are portraits, 19 are types – mostly portraits of inhabitants, 15 are views, 12 are historical scenes, and 2 are maps.

Vol. IX. – History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain. vol. i. 1855. 618 pp. 89 plates of which 6 are proofs, being 40 portraits, 45 views, and 4 historical scenes. ALS of Prescott (April 12, 1855) in which he amusingly notes the rarity of his autograph.

Vol. X. – History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain. vol. ii. 1855. 610 pp. 89 plates (11 in India paper) of which 38 are portraits, 37 views and 11 historical scenes.

Vol. XI. – History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain. vol. iii. 1858. 476 pp. 84 plates (4 proofs) being 14 portraits, 67 views and 2 plans of cities. Also autograph of Philip II, “Yo El Rey,” on Latin document dated 1562.

Vol. XII. – History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles the Fifth. vol. i 1857. 618 pp. Rebacked. 96 plates (4 proofs) being 62 portraits, 14 figures, 4 views, 15 historical scenes, and 1 illuminated coat of arms.

Vol. XIII. – History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles the Fifth. vol. ii 1857. 604 pp. Rebacked. 106 plates (14 proofs), being 70 portraits of which 12 are on India paper and 1 is an original pencil drawing; 23 historical scenes and 16 views. The original pencil drawing is a portrait of Maria Pacheco, wife of Juan de Padilla; drawn by Rosario Weise, goddaughter of Francisco de Goya.

Vol. XIV. – History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles the Fifth. vol. iii 1857. 565 pp. Rebacked. 78 plates (14 proofs); being 57 portraits, 15 views, 6 historical scenes and 1 original drawing. The original drawing is of Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, Ambassador of Charles V., poet and author of “Lazarilleo de Tormes.”

Vol. XV – Biographical and Critical Miscellanies. 1845. 638 pp. 142 plates of which 15 are proofs. 122 portraits, 10 views and 10 historical scenes.


1912 An Actor’s Notebooks, EXTRA ILLUSTRATED with ALS of Bram Stoker, Wilkie Collins, Robert Southey, &c.

Archer, Frank. An Actor’s Notebooks. Being Memories, Friendships, Criticisms, and Experiences of Frank Archer. EXTRA ILLUSTRATED with Autograph Letters Signed, including BRAM STOKER, WILKIE COLLINS and ROBERT SOUTHEY. London: Stanley Paul & Co., [1912]. 1st . With 42 illustrations.

8vo, three-quarter crimson levant, elaborately gilt tooled back, with inlays of blue levant, gilt top, original catalogue description tipped in at front. Exceptionally fine, with the additions below bound in.  This collection was assembled and bound sometime in the mid 1920’s. The inclusions date back as far back as 1810. Fine. Leather bound.  [1261]    $6,000.00

EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of an exceptionally choice collection of Autograph Letters Signed (ALS), and Signed Cards of persons mentioned in the text. The autographs are placed opposite the mention of the writers in the text of the book, and comprise:

COLLINS (Wilkie) 2p. ALS to Alfred E. Galloway(?) expressing regret that G.’s connection with The Spectator was coming to an end;

ROSSETTI (Christina) 1p. ALS;


SOUTHEY (Robert) 3 1/2 p. ALS dated 1810 (small edge piece missing);

PROCTOR (B. W. – “Barry Cornwall,” to whom Thackeray dedicated his Vanity Fair) 2p. ALS to James T. Fields, his American Publisher, regarding publication of his books;

STOKER (Bram) 1p. ALS, presenting a friend (“My dear Quint”) with a copy of his “The Jewel of Seven Stars,” Feb. 1903, printed on stationary advertising Henry Irving and his America Tour of 1903-1904;

JEFFERSON (Joseph) 2p. 4to. ALS to William WINTER (with addressed envelope endorsed by Winter), regarding Elsie Leslie, (the original “Little Lord Fauntleroy”) who later married Winter’s Son;

HAGGARD, (Sir H. Rider) 1p. ALS;

RISTORI (Adelaide), Autographed sentiment, signed and dated;

CUSHMAN (Charlotte) 4p. ALS;

MARTIN (Sir Theodore) 2p. ALS;

MOULTON (Louise Chandler) 1p. ALS to Carolyn WELLS;

ARGYLL (George Campbell, Duke of) 1p. ALS;


BENNOCH (Francis – great friend of Nathaniel Hawthorne) original portrait, signed;

PINERO (Sir Arthur Wing) 1p. TLS;

and additional signed cards, including John T. Raymond, Kate Field, G. Ravel, Laurence Barrett, and Fawdon Vokes.



1909 FIRST EDITION Maria Montessori

Montessori, Maria. Il Metodo della Pedagogia Scientifica applicato All’Educazione Infantile nelle case dei bambini. Citta di Castello: Lapi, 1909. First edition. Burgundy leather spine with faded purple cloth boards, 8 x 11 inches, 283 pp., followed by 2 leaves of 8 reproduced photographs and 13 plates. There is also one folding plate in the text and many in-text illustrations. This tall book is faded along the top and back edges of the binding, about 1 1/2 inches in width – typical sunning from standing above other books in a stack for many years. Corner tips exposed from the binder not using enough cloth for the size of the book. Good. Hardcover.  [1127]    $2,500.00

One of the seminal books of the 20th century and destined for placement on any list of books for the serious collector of philosophy or “Great Books.” Auction prices have exceeded $2500 (2006) and we believe that the demand will increase. Italian text.


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1893 Historic Hymnists, A Portrait Gallery of Great Hymn Writers.

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Nutter, Rev. Charles S.  Historic Hymnists, A Portrait Gallery of Great Hymn Writers. Boston: The Author, 1893. 1st . Blue cloth hardcover, 8 x 10, 208 clean pp., tight, with many portrait illustrations. 1964 signature in ink on the front free end paper. Good. Hardcover.  [973]    $75.00

Fifty brief biographies and portraits of famous Christian hymnwriters, with selections from their hymns. Included are Richard Baxter, George W. Bethune, Horatius Bonar, William Cowper, Philip Doddridge, Timothy Dwight, Madame Guyon, John Keble, Martin Luther, John Newton, Ray Palmer, Elizabeth Prentiss, Augustus Toplady, Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley, and others. There is an “index of first lines” included as well.